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Social Impact Consulting: Learn from Dalberg Global Development Advisors, 9/23 @ 12:30

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Are you wondering about what all the buzz is on campus having to do with Consulting jobs? Well, we are bringing one of the leading social impact consulting firms to Davis Library 105b for a Dalberg Global Development Advisors webinar

Apply today: Flex Fund Review Committee

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Official Flex Fund Logo

The Service Cluster Board is accepting applications to serve on the 2015-2016 Flex Fund Review Committee!


Download the application here.

Application deadline: Tuesday, September 29th

Submit application via email to scboard@middlebury.edu. 

The Service Cluster Board Flex Fund provides funding for individuals, ad-hoc groups, teams, and official student organizations to carry out volunteer service. The Committee works with the SCB Co-Coordinators in order to review and approve applications grounded in service. Examples of previously funded initiatives are: transportation to teach a foreign language at Monkton Elementary, service trips during winter and spring breaks, and dinners at a local homeless shelter.

Responsibilities of SCB Flex Fund Review Committee Members include:

  1. Review funding requests from individual students, ad-hoc groups and student organizations for community service projects.
  2. Attend fall and spring trainings.
  3. Respond to funding requests via email within 24 hours.
  4. Attend Review Committee meetings during the semester.

Benefits of being an SCB Flex Fund Review Committee Member:

  1. Ability to help positively impact the community by empowering new service initiatives.
  2. Gain advising/program coordination experience by reviewing applications and programming.
  3. Gain budget management experience by balancing and dispersing funds from a $5,000 discretionary budget.

Criteria for Applicants:

  1. Passion for volunteer service.
  2. Ability to be responsive to applications within 24 to 48 hours.
  3. Ability to adhere to the Flex Fund philosophy and goals through sound decisions on funding initiatives.

Deadline for FREE Beats Headphones

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Apple Promo Offer Ends Friday, September 18th


2015 BTS Promo

Live Blogging the Second Republican Debate

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Hi all and welcome to

HOPE Seeks Student Board Members

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HOPE (Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects) is seeking 1-2 Middlebury College students to serve as members on their Board of Trustees. HOPE’s vision is that all people in Addison County have access to the tools and resources necessary to meet their own basic needs. HOPE’s services include a food shelf, counseling, self-empowerment programs, and more. HOPE is located at 282 Boardman Street, accessible from campus via the ACTR bus.

Through this position student trustees will gain new perspectives about community needs in Addison County, learn about the operations of a non-profit, and make a positive impact in our local community. Student trustees will be expected to attend monthly meetings in addition to other projects. Interested? Submit the HOPE Student Trustee Application  to Executive Director Jeanne Montross, JMontross@hope-vt.org and be in touch with Jeanne if you have any questions! You may submit the answers to the application questions in a Microsoft Word Document.

Bush Lied, Obama Is A Muslim and Brady Cheated: Why Myths Endure

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I received more than a few cranky emails from readers upset with my previous post pointing out how political science research helps explain Ted Well’s “prosecutorial mentality” that predisposed him to find guilt when sifting through the evidence regarding whether Tom Brady knew about, and condoned, deflating footballs below legal limits. As most of you […]

This Year’s CE-related courses

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See this year’s CE – related courses below. These courses incorporate partnerships with organizations and individuals from Middlebury’s surrounding community. Courses that fall under the Privilege & Poverty Academic Cluster are also listed.

Check back throughout the year, as the list will continue to be updated!


Semester offered Course Number Course Name Professor
Fall 2015, Spring 2016 ENVS 0112 Natural Science and the Environment Lapin, Marc
Fall 2015 EDST 0305 Elementary Literacy and Social Studies Weston, Tracy
Fall 2015 EDST 0410 Student Teaching Seminar Miller-Lane, Jonathan
Fall 2015, Spring 2016 ECON 0155C Introductory Microeconomics Isham, Jon
Fall 2015 PSYC 0320 Social and Emotional Development Moeller, Robert
Fall 2015 HARC 0731A Architectural Studies Research Thesis Lopez Barrera, Silvina
Spring 2016 HARC 0330A Intermediate Architectural Design Lopez Barrera, Silvina
Fall 2015 SOAN 0105A * Society and the Individual Oxfeld, Ellen
Fall 2015 ENVS 0380A * Global Challenges of the 21st Century Baker-Medard, Merrill
Fall 2015 RELI 0298* Privilege & Poverty Davis, James C.
* designates Privilege & Poverty Academic Cluster