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Notre star !

Bravo à Eamonn Mannion, étudiant de Middlebury College qui a fait ses études à Paris 3 pendant toute l’année universitaire 2016-2017, pour sa belle prestation dans la vidéo/pub de l’association « Echanges internationaux à Paris (EIAP) » :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O81rlzUrb9I&spfreload=5  . Nous en sommes très fiers car il représente très bien la population d‘étudiants américains à Paris 3, et à Paris !

Summer 2017 Watson Notes

If you’re interested in applying for Watson Fellowship nomination in September and we haven’t yet talked or emailed, June is a great time to connect!  I am in and out of the office during the summer, so my ability to respond to you may be faster or slower depending on when you contact me. See go/fellowships for […]

SCB Senior Reflection by Kristina Frye

I first got involved with the Service Cluster Board through Page One Literacy, which organizes after school reading programs to promote literacy in the local community. Besides the semester that I went abroad to Moscow, I ended up volunteering with Page One for all 4 years. Each program is a semester long, so they’ve varied greatly depending on the school, age, and reading level of the students. Each program is also run by 2-3 student volunteers, allowing you to get to know other Middlebury students you might not have known otherwise. One of my favorite parts of Page One has definitely been revisiting favorite childhood authors such as Roald Dahl while picking out books for the program.

After serving on the board of Page One for 2 semesters, I learned about the SCB Coordinator position at the Center for Community Engagement. Being an SCB Coordinator has been entirely different from working with Page One, but what I’ve enjoyed most is getting to know students from other service orgs. and working in the CCE office. Everyone is extremely friendly, and there are so many more ways to organize service projects and receive funding than I could have imagined. I’ve been very lucky to work with the SCB co-coordinators that I have, because each one has been an amazing partner to work with in different ways. It’s encouraging to see so many students finding different needs to address in Middlebury and building relationships with community partners. I think if anything has changed in terms of my perspective on working with SCB in the past 4 years, it’s that I now see those community partnerships as just as, if not more, important than the service itself.

-Kristina Frye ’17

Student Org Profile: Page One Literacy Project

Since 2001, the Page One Literacy Project has worked closely with Addison County elementary schools to provide after-school reading programs and seasonal events focused on promoting literacy.  Small groups of volunteers design their own programs, engaging with students through reading, crafts, games, and other activities to inspire a love of reading and learning.  Our partnerships with local schools help build relationships between the College and the community, and our enthusiastic volunteers are positive role models who show the importance of education and give students something to aspire to, just as our founder, Bonnie Greenwald McCardell, envisioned while her husband, John McCardell, was President of the College.

To learn more about Page One’s mission, positive impact on Addison County, after-school programs, and one-time events, check out our Facebook page and our website (go/Page1) or email us at pageone@middlebury.edu.  We look forward to having you join our team of passionate Midd Kids making a difference in our community!

-Conner M. Gilbert ’19