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The Myth of the Myth of the Moderate Middle

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Vox founder Ezra Klein posted this diatribe last week explaining why he believes “moderate voters are a myth” that was extreme even by Ezra’s standards. Drawing on this draft paper by Douglas Ahler and David Broockman, Klein argues that the … Continue reading

Sunday Shorts: How A President’s Polyps Led to Scandal and Who Won’t Rock

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Here are Sunday’s Shorts: On this day in 1985, a 74-year old Ronald Reagan underwent surgery to remove a benign polyp from his intestine. While under the knife doctors discovered a cancerous polyp which necessitated a second surgery to remove … Continue reading

How One President Spent His Year, Summarized In One Table: Ronald Reagan, 1984

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As I wade into drafting the final version of my manuscript documenting the growth of the White House staff, I’ve been working my way through years of archival material I’ve accumulated from visits to 11 presidential libraries (not to mention … Continue reading

Sorted, Not Polarized: Why The Distinction Matters

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When it comes to writing about polarization in American, who can blame journalists for expressing confusion? The Washington Post’s Dan Balz is the latest reporter to grapple with conflicting evidence and, perhaps more importantly, conflicting interpretation of the evidence by … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton: Is She Rich Enough To Be President?

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Democratic Party activists and leading pundits have of late begun speculating whether Hillary Clinton’s wealth might prove to be an obstacle to her presidential aspirations. But history suggests their concerns are misplaced. The problem is not that Hillary’s too rich. … Continue reading

Cleveland Rocks! But Probably Not Enough To Influence The 2016 Presidential Race

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The Republican Party announced today that the party’s 2016 nominating convention will be held in Cleveland. The choice seems driven by the hope that it may influence the presidential vote in Ohio, which is likely to once again be a … Continue reading

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