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iPad Pro has arrived!

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iPad Sale this Friday!

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Don’t let Friday the 13th get you down! Come to the bookstore and get a new iPad for super cheap and turn your day around!EOL iPad Sale

Tales From the Campaign Trail: Can Christie Come Back In New Hampshire?

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It is hard to remember, but four years ago many Republicans (and pundits), concerned about what they viewed as Mitt Romney’s lackluster candidacy and a generally weak Republican field, were imploring New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to enter their party’s presidential race.  Christie demurred, claiming that he was not yet ready for a presidential run. […]

Student Org Profile: Community Friends

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Community Friends is a one on one mentoring program between Middlebury College students and children in Addison County ages 5-12. Matches meet for two hours each week, and by providing this mentoring opportunity, the group hopes to foster relationships between the college and the local community. 

This is my fourth year meeting with my mentee, and over the past few years we have explored Middlebury, read 
My Fathers Dragon and Warriors, raced fiercely in the natatorium and on the fields around campus, created half-edible Proctor creations, and spent hours drawing and painting in the various craft spaces. I have watched her grow (now taller than me) and develop into a thriving middle school student, and she has provided me with an escape from stressful schoolwork and a reminder of childhood relaxation.  I love seeing other matches around campus. Mentees provoke Middlebury students to break from their college bubble, and Middlebury students serve as additional adult role models for children outside of just their parents and teachers. Community Friends provides a space for these special interactions, and has had a truly amazing impact on my own experience at Middlebury.

The mystery in meeting

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     Mme. Catherine Taudin, a FLE professor (français langue étrangère (French as a foreign language)) who also acts as a tutor for Middlebury students here in Paris, has published a book entitled Chargement de vos paramètres personnels (Loading your personal parameters).  Catherine has long been fascinated by the differences and correspondences between cultures, as well as drawing inspiration from her many travels outside of France, particularly those in Asia.  

     This book is inspired by this fascination, by this mystery that still surrounds our attractions to certain people over others, despite the fact that we know that, to a certain degree, our childhoods and families and the relationships found there have conditioned us, subconsciously, to seek out certain people.  Through the experiences of the characters, Hélène, Xiao, Vigo, and Lise, Catherine explores the magic and the mystery of meeting others, ephemeral relations, even; “The strongest loves are not made to last” (Taudin).   A book that opens with a childhood, a house, and takes readers on a journey into the mystery of relationships, will leave readers, “in turn, dreamers, distraught, or simply happy” (Edilivre).


Congratulations, Catherine, and we look forward to your next book!


Find the book here:

Chargement de vos paramètres personnels




Is New Hampshire #FeelingTheBern? Notes from the Campaign Trail

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Bernie Sanders’ biggest obstacle to securing the 2016 Democratic nomination is no secret. As I noted last July in an interview with WCAX’s Alex Apple, Sanders started his campaign with a built-in progressive constituency comprising roughly 30% of likely Democratic voters. To expand that coalition, however, Sanders needed to accomplish two related objectives. First, he […]

Halloween Sale and Costume Contest at the Bookstore!

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