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Welcome, Bread Loaf and Language School Students!

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We’re glad to have you here this summer.  Library and Information Services (LIS) offers a variety of research resources and technical support.
You’ll find starting points for our services online:
Let us know if you have any questions! For library assistance, ask a librarian (see Ask Us). For technical support, contact the HelpDesk (helpdesk@middlebury.edu, 802.443.2100, or the Walk-in Center on the Main Level of the Davis Family Library).

Becoming a Peer Writing Tutor or FYS Mentor

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Students are invited to become Peer Writing Tutors or FYS Mentors if they have been nominated for the Ward Prize (for writing the best First-Year paper) or if they have been specifically requested by a faculty member to work with a first-year seminar or a college writing course.

New Peer Writing Tutors and FYS Mentors are paid ($8.70 an hour), and the Writing Program and the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research provide them with all the training they need. All new tutors attend an organizational meeting and five training sessions. All experienced tutors attend an organizational meeting and two additional training sessions. Information about FYS Mentor training will be published here this summer.

Peer Writing Tutors

provide drop-in tutoring in the Center for Teaching, Learning and Research (room 225) in the Davis Family Library and assist in college writing courses.

As a tutor, you may select the areas (depending on availability) in which you would most like to work: classroom, drop-in library tutoring.

First-Year Seminar Mentors For Academics and Writing

assist in first-year seminars.

The First-Year Seminar Mentor for Academics and Writing serves as a mentor and writing tutor for first-year students, assisting them with writing and oral presentation skills, time and project management, and pre-advising during Banner registration. The Mentor can work with students individually or in groups, either during class time or outside of class, for up to 60 hours over the course of the semester.  The Mentors will be trained, supervised, and paid by CTLR.

Useful links

  • Peer Writing Tutor Guidelines
  • Working in a Class
  • Writing Guides
  • Working as a CTLR Drop-in Tutor
  • Getting Paid
  • Click here if you have questions.

    Ode to the Library

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    Have you seen the ode to the library? If not, it is well worth a couple of your valuable minutes!

    Help us improve the LIS Website!

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    The LIS Website team has set up four quick tests to see if we’ve placed links to resources and information in the right place on the page and used the correct labels. For each test, you’ll be asked 5 questions like, “Where would you click to find out when the next Cookie Night will be?” You can click anywhere on the screenshot and can leave multiple clicks for each question. To add a comment to one of your clicks like, “I’d click here, but only because I know to find Cookie Night information on the blog…” you can click the plus (+) sign above and to the right of your placemark.

    We’ve created one test for each of the four areas of the LIS Website. Each test has a different set of five questions. A test should only take 1-2 minutes to complete. Thanks for your help!

    LIS Homepage

    Library Homepage

    Helpdesk Homepage

    Curricular Technology Homepage

    Library Ending CD Borrowing through ILL

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    Due to staffing and budget reductions in LIS, we are no longer able to continue traditional ILL services for CD requests.  As of Feb. 1st we will no longer be borrowing or lending CDs through ILL. 

    The average cost to borrow an item through ILL is about $30.00.  When we include the costs of Mailing and ILL fees, requesting a CD through ILL was at times costing more than purchasing the CDs. Other options for acquiring CDs still include:

     Borrow from NExpress:  Middlebury will continue to both borrow and lend CDs via NExpress.  There are negligible shipping costs for CD borrowing and lending for NExpress requests because all NExpress items are shipped together.  Middlebury patrons may search the NExpress Catalog at http://go/nexpress.  You can specifically search for CDs and other sound recordings by selecting “Sound Recordings” from the “View Entire Collection” drop down box on the NExpress search page.

     Request a purchase:  If a CD is not available via NExpress, the CD title can be submitted for purchase to the Music Library, by using the on-line form:   http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/lib/libcollections/libraries/musiclib/suggestapurchase/node/39001

     While the Music Library is unable to purchase everything, it is our hope to be able to increase patron driven purchasing as a way to help ease this reduction in ILL services.

     Any requests for CDs submitted to ILL after February 1st will be forwarded to Music for purchase consideration and the ILL request will be cancelled.

     For questions contact mdyill@middlebury.edu

    Library Spotlight

    The front page of the new library site (at http://midd2.middlebury.edu/academics/lib today, and at go/lib later tomorrow) has a “Library Spotlight” section that will feature news and tips for library users. The content will come straight from the LIS blog.  Anything here that’s tagged “Library Spotlight” will show up there too.

    If you know something that library users would want to know too, please post it to the LIS blog and add the “Library Spotlight” tag to your post.  The neat thing is that you’ll be getting the word out to LIS staff and library users all at once.

    Use the “Library Spotlight” tag for information such as:

    • new library resources, collections, web sites, search techniques, go shortcuts, etc.
    • hidden library treasures and answers to common questions
    • changes in library hours, services and facilities

    Thank you in advance!  The more “Library Spotlight” posts there are, the better the library site will be.

    Protected: Drop-in Shifts and Alternates (fall 09)

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