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Beyond Wall Street: Connect with Midd Alumni at the Economics Field Guide – Oct. 25-26

Five awesome alumni who majored in Economics will be on campus to share their paths and professional lives and help you think broadly about how an Economics major may impact your career and life after Middlebury.  CCI Field Guides provide you with an opportunity to connect with alumni, faculty, and other students in a major your are considering or have already chosen.

What did they do at Middlebury and what are they doing now? Find out at these events!

Thursday, October 25, 2018
Alumni and Dinner Panel, 5:00 p.m. @ Atwater Dining Hall
Reserve your spot, RSVP in Handshake!

Friday, October 26, 2018
One-on-one Alumni Chats, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. @ Adirondack House
Read alumni panelists’ bios here.
Click the names of participating alumni below to SELECT A SLOT for a 1:1 conversation.

Participating Alumni

Silicon Valley Student Innovation Trek – Fully Funded February Break Trip

The Center for Careers and Internships and the Middlebury Professional Networks are partnering to provide a fully donor-funded “Student Innovation Trek” to the San Francisco Bay Area over February break. The objective is to expose students interested in all areas of innovation to real-world professional experiences that will enable them to apply their liberal arts learning while informing their career exploration and other post-graduate planning.

The Student Innovation Trek experience is open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors. It will include 10 students competitively selected through the application process described below, with strong preference given to students who receive financial aid as per the request of the donor. Students will travel to San Francisco as a group, departing from Burlington on Sunday, February 3rd, and returning on Friday, February 8th, accompanied by a CCI advisor. To help ensure that there is no barrier to participation, all travel, lodging, meal, and related expenses will be paid.

This immersive “living and learning” experience will be organized around job-shadowing opportunities with alumni at companies like Tesla, Genentech, IDEO and more. The experience will also include reflection dinners and career conversations with other select alumni. Students will travel and live together as a cohort and attend an Innovation Summit as part of the experience.

Students will document the Innovation experience with photos and reflections. In addition, attendance is required at 2-3 pre-departure meetings during Winter Term.

Application Process and Requirements:

  • Apply via Handshake; the deadline is 11:55 p.m. on Sunday, October 28th, no exceptions.
  • The Innovation Student Trek is open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors of any major (graduation dates between May 2019-May 2021 only).
  • Strong preference will be given to students who receive financial aid.
  • Strong candidates will be able to demonstrate a desire for a future career in innovation through their coursework and/or activities.
  • Students must be in Vermont on Saturday, February 2nd, for a Sunday, February 3rd, departure to San Francisco. The group must travel together from and to Burlington, no exceptions.
  • Students must be on campus during Winter Term to attend two mandatory pre-departure meetings.

Please submit a resume, transcript (unofficial is okay), and a cover letter that includes:

  1. Your name, year, and major(s).
  2. The name and contact information for a faculty or staff reference who can speak to your interest in innovation and your ability to contribute to a group dynamic.
  3. A minimum of 750 words that describes:
    • What you believe you would learn from this experience and why this trip would prove invaluable,
    • How it relates to courses you have taken and activities in which you have been involved, and
    • How it might impact your post-Middlebury College plans.

We may request personal or group interviews for some students.

**Note: In applying to the Innovation Student Trek, you are making a full commitment to go if accepted**
We aim to have a decision to you by Friday, November 16th.

Vermont Employer Highlight: National Life Group

National Life Group is the kind of company people want to join. Come learn about the Rotational Development Leadership Program.

At National Life we don’t make widgets or cars or computers. We make promises. Our goal – since the chartering of National Life Insurance Company in 1848 – has been to work together to create a better future for each and every customer through innovative financial solutions and then to deliver on those commitments 10, 20 or 50 years down the road.

The company’s first death claim, that of Rowland Allen, who died in 1850 while seeking fortune in the California Gold Rush, pushed the young company to its limits but the directors used their personal credit to ensure the claim was paid and the promise delivered.

National Life has paid a dividend on its participating life insurance policies every year since 1855. Through the Civil War, the great flu epidemic of 1918, the Great Depression, two World Wars and most recently the Great Recession, National Life has delivered.

National Life is an independent company and independent in spirit. While they do business across the United States, at our core we retain the feel and the attitude of a small company in which each and every individual matters. National Life is grounded on America’s Main Street where a firm handshake still means something and trust is strong.

RSVP to attend the Info Session on Wed., Oct. 17th at 7:00 p.m. in Axinn 229

Upcoming events and deadlines this week

Here are some special programs and opportunities to pay attention to:

Oak Hill Advisors  Information Session

Monday, Oct 15 at 7 pm in Hillcrest 103


National Life Rotational Development Program Info Session

Wednesday, Oct 17 at 7 pm in Axin 229


Talk with Anna Cerf ’18 about EF Education First opportunities

Thursday, Oct 18 at 12:30 in ADK Library

EF Education First is hiring: EF360 Global Management Trainee and EF 360 Summer Internship (paid)


Talk with Isabelle Tabah ’18 about Oxeon Partners

Thursday, Oct 18 at 4 pm in ADK Library

We are a healthcare growth services firm. We connect our healthcare company partners with the fundamental drivers of business growth – great people, great business development partnerships, strategic investments, next generation business ideas and other growth-related services.


Management Leaders for Tomorrow Info Session

Thursday, Oct 18 at 7 pm in Hillcrest 103

Are you a Sophomore that identifies as Black, Hispanic and/or Native American? Are you interested in careers in Consulting, Finance, Nonprofit, Technology, Healthcare, Media/Entertainment, and/or Marketing? If yes, please join us to learn more about MLT and the opportunities it offers to high-achieving diverse talent.  *First Years are also welcome.  Presented by 2 seniors currently finishing the program.


Barclay’s Markets Division Info Session

Friday, Oct 19 at 12:15 in Axinn 229



Cashing in on Your Summer Internship

In your next interview, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a question or two about your internship experience. Will you be able to turn that into your next big opportunity?

“Cashing in on Your Summer Internship”
Sunday, October 14, 4:30 pm
OR Monday, October 15, 7:30 pm
Coltrane Lounge, Adirondack House

Oratory Now Internship Coaching and Video Session

Join this hands-on workshop to practice the art of translating your internship story!

Oratory Now coaches will lead this coaching and video session designed for students who participated in internships over the summer. Participants will refine their public speaking skills and craft a personalized narrative about the impact of their summer experience. You will leave the session with a “draft” video you could use for digital portfolios, LinkedIn pages, and more.

RSVP in Handshake for the day and time that works best for you!

Sunday, October 14 at 4:30 PM


Monday, October 15 at 7:30 PM.

Both sessions will be held at Coltrane Lounge in Adirondack House. See you there!

Upcoming Summit Addresses “Things Nobody Told me about Graduate School” and “How to Apply to Graduate School”

Middlebury College will be hosting the Creating Connections Consortium (C3) Summit on November 9-11, 2018. The conference theme is Reimagining the Academy: Constructing Inclusive and Participatory Communities in Challenging Times. Panels will include: “Things Nobody Told me about Graduate School”; “How to Apply to Graduate School”; and “Diversifying the Curriculum.” For more information, see the C3 Summit agenda. All are welcome to attend, but please register here in advance. Have questions? Contact C3 Director Rachel Hynson (rhynson@middlebury.edu).

Applying for Winter Term Internship Credit? Follow these steps…

Each Winter Term, many students participate in internships and apply for the opportunity to earn academic credit while having high-level exposure to valuable work. Below is a complete timeline that clearly outlines all of the necessary steps to obtain credit this January. Contact Cheryl Whitney Lower at clower@middlebury.edu with any questions.

Expand the sections below to access required forms and more information.

Starting now – early November, 2018 SECURE YOUR INTERNSHIP

  • Apply for opportunities on Handshake or find your own! If you need help, schedule a meeting with a Career Advisor in your interest area or a general internship advising appointment, or drop by Quick Questions.
  • Tell your Internship Supervisor that they will receive a link (via a Handshake email) to complete an Intern Sponsor Agreement form once you have submitted your Application for Internship Credit.


  • If you are planning to complete an internship but have not yet been approved or secured your internship, register for any Winter Term class as a temporary placeholder. Failure to register for a class or an internship during WT registration means you will not be eligible for credit.  
  • If your internship is approved before WT registration, register on Banner for your internship; CCI will send you instructions once it is approved.
  • Note: “Approved” means it has been approved by CCI and the Curriculum Committee.


  • Identify a Middlebury faculty member as your Academic Sponsor- this can be your advisor or another faculty member.
  • Discuss a plan that will help you make connections between your internship experience and your coursework at Middlebury.
  • Identify at least three scholarly sources to list in your application for credit. You will use this as an intellectual framework for your experience and as relevant content for your final academic work. See samples here.
  • Once you have completed your Application for Internship Credit, your Academic Sponsor will receive a link (via a Handshake email) to complete an Academic Sponsor Agreement form.


  • Write your Personal Statement (use template here).
  • Apply for Winter Term Internship Credit/Funding in Handshake by going to Career Center > Experiences> New Experience. Complete entire application and click Create Experience when done.*
  • Attach a copy of your Resume and Personal Statement to the attachments section in Handshake (left side of page).
  • Download the Internship Agreement/Assumption of Risk and Code of Conduct Form from the Experience (attached to left side); complete the form and re-attach to your Experience.
  • Intern Sponsor Agreement Form (Internship Supervisor submits)
    A link to this form will be sent directly to your Internship Supervisor after student has submitted first two forms.
  • Academic Sponsor Approval Form (Faculty Academic Sponsor submits)
    A link to this form will be sent directly to the faculty member after student has submitted first two forms.
  • Your application will not be complete until all 6 steps have been completed.

* You may need to complete the Summer Survey first: (Career Center> Surveys> Required: What did you do this summer?)


  • Submit final academic work to your academic sponsor.
  • Complete self-evaluation in Handshake (Deadline: Feb. 4).
  • Students who receive grants will also submit a donor thank you letter (Deadline: Feb.4).
  • Internship supervisor will also submit an evaluation (Deadline: Feb. 4).