Due by class on Monday, November 13, uploaded to server:

Create a video essay that directly responds to another published video essay. The approach you take to the response is up to you, as long as it engages both with the content/ideas and the form of the original video. You might think about responding by extending the original’s ideas to other examples, debating particular points, “remaking” the ideas via new forms, or otherwise building upon the foundation that the other video constructs. Your response video should be comprehensible on its own, not just as a response that requires familiarity with the original. It should be at least 3 minutes long.

You should also write a short reflection piece commenting on what you are striving to achieve with your videographic response, submitted to the Dropbox on the Classes folder.

Some examples of responses:

Dan Golding’s “A Theory of Film Music”

In response to Tony Zhou’s “The Marvel Symponic Universe”


Kevin Ferguson’s “Lizard Train”

In response to Catherine Grant’s “Carnal Locomotive”