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Week 10 / 11

November 13 – Videographic Responses

  • Submit videographic response essays to Classes folder
  • Watch in class

November 15 – More Videographic Responses

  • Do weekly video commentaries
  • Watch more videographic responses

November 20 – Guest Filmmaker: Jen Proctor on Video Art, Feminism & Videographic Criticism

  • Watch Jen Proctor’s “Am I Pretty?”  (password via email)



Week 6 Schedule

October 16 – Share Algorithmic Videos

  • Export algorithmic double feature
  • Come to class prepared to discuss algorithmic videos

October 18 – How to Make a Video Essay?

  • Read Conor Bateman, “11 Ways to Make a Video Essay
  • Read Christian Keathley, “La Caméra-Stylo” [in Classes / Handouts folder]
  • Watch Christian Keathley, “Pass The Salt”

  • Come to class with ideas for Videographic Abstract Trailer

Week 5 Schedule

October 9 – Share Multiscreen Videos

  • Export videos to class folder
  • Come to class prepared to discuss role of multiscreen in videographic work

October 11 – Assignment #5 Workshop

  • Do weekly video commentaries
  • Give group feedback on multiscreen videos
  • Read Jason Mittell, “Videographic Criticism as Digital Humanities Method” [in Classes / Handouts folder]
  • Watch deformative experiments discussed in Mittell essay
  • Read Catherine Grant, “Dissolves of Passion: Materially Thinking through Editing in Videographic Compilation” [in Classes / Handouts folder]
  • Watch Catherine Grant, “Dissolves of Passion”

Week 4 Schedule

October 2 – Share Epigraph Videos

  • Export videos to class folders
  • Come prepared to discuss the role of text on-screen
  • If you were not at Kevin Lee’s talk, watch his video “Right Now, Wrong Then”


October 4 – Assignment #4 Workshop

  • Do weekly video commentary
  • Give feedback to your group on the epigraphs
  • Watch “Honolulu, Mon Amour” and read online commentaries
  • Watch “Hitchcock & DePalma: Splitscreen Bloodbath” (graphic content warning)

Week 3 Schedule

September 25 – Share voiceover videos

  • Export exercise #2 to classes folder – see our class notes on voiceover
  • Come prepared to talk about voiceover, building on videos you have viewed
  • Watch “Transformers: The Premake” by Kevin B. Lee

Attend Kevin Lee presentation, 4:30pm in Axinn 232

September 27 – Assignment #3 workshop


Week 2 Schedule

September 18 – Share PechaKucha videos

  • Export PechaKucha videos to Classes folder.

September 20 – Assignment #2 workshop

  • Watch Kevin B. Lee, “Talking with Siri about Spike Jonze’s HER

Reminder: Kevin B. Lee will be visiting on Sept 25, with a public presentation at 4:30pm in Axinn 232.


Week 1 Schedule

September 12 – Introduction in-class

September 14 – Assignment #1 Workshop

  • Choose 2 different options for your chosen critical object (film, TV show, webseries, etc.) – if possible, bring DVD or Blu-ray, or digital file on hard drive
  • Bring external hard drive and headphones (to every class!)
  • Do Video Commentary post
  • Read “Has the Video Essay Arrived?” (Monaghan) and “College Leads in New Form of Scholarship: Video Essays” (DiGravio)
  • If you do not have experience with Adobe Premiere, start working on the tutorials to help learn the platform.
  • Watch “What Makes a Video Essay Great?” by Kevin B. Lee

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