Due December 15, uploaded to the Classes folder

All students should write a brief self-evaluative essay that reflects on your videographic work throughout the course, especially the final two assignments. The goal of the essay is to process your thoughts about how your work with videos has impacted your understanding of film & media, as well as the rhetoric of using videographic criticism to convey ideas. Also, please indicate which of the videos you produced this semester do you plan to upload for the public on Vimeo and YouTube, and why these seem well-suited for publication.

As a component on this essay, look at these learning goals below, and discuss which ones you’ve achieved via your work and how you have demonstrated these goals. As part of this discussion, suggest what grade you believe that your work has earned.

All students who pass the course (with a minimum grade of C) will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Describe and identify major components of video essays, discussing how they convey ideas about films and media
  • Use the basic tools of video and audio editing to create a video essay analyzing film and/or media

Students who achieve a higher level of mastery (with a minimum grade of B) will have also demonstrated the ability to:

  • Analyze how video essays can convey both analytic ideas and explore the poetic and aesthetic material of film and media
  • Produce video essays that express analytical ideas and aesthetic responses
  • Engage in productive peer conversations and critiques of videographic works

Students who achieve the highest level of mastery (with a grade of A) will have also demonstrated the ability to:

  • Create original and distinctive videographic works that convey sophisticated ideas and employs a distinctive aesthetic sensibility