Algorithmic Double Feature is due by class on Monday, October 16

Please upload each video separately


Video 1: Equalized Pulse

Select a scene from your film, and divide each shot into a subclip. Adjust the duration of all of the shots to the same length to match its Average Shot Length.


  • Choose a scene and use Razor to break it into component clips for each shot.
  • Select all shots in your sequence.
  • Go to Clip / Duration.
  • Disconnect Speed & Duration, and enter the length in Duration (MM:SS:FF).
  • Check Maintain Audio Pitch and Ripple Edit.
  • Reconnect Speed & Duration.
  • Export

For calculating ASL, either consult Cinemetrics for full film, or calculate for scene (number of seconds / number of shots). Remember to check frames per second for decimals.


Video 2: Supercut

Choose one element present in your film, and create a video compilation gathering all of the moments of that element in the film. Use parameters to make the supercut follow a consistent pattern, manipulating whatever aspects you need to follow that pattern. All sounds and images should come from your film.