Professor Mecham, along with Middlebury digital media specialists have decided to open Terra to the greater Second Life community, in an effort to stimulate an even more unique political experiment.  The addition of citizens from other colleges, small towns and large ones, and even residents from across the globe, will bring a new pool of political ideologies to Terra.  The efforts of Professor Mecham’s classes have gained the attention of various educational and media consortiums across the country, sparking national and potentially international interest in the small segment of the virtual world.  I look forward to remaining a part of this evolving project and hope that you will do the same.  Welcome Terrabitians, whether new or old, to a glorious future!   

Your dedicated MoE just spent far too long wandering the worlds of Second Life to bring you back some glorious footage.  Check out the new photos added to the Middlebury Terra Flickr!  Teleport boxes to visit these far off lands will soon be up and running in Terra so you can vacation too.


Simran Bhalla was born on May 21, 19 – actually, it doesn’t matter what year she was born, because like all great leaders, she is ageless, and will look exactly the way she does now when she’s 48. She believes that government should be of the people, by the people, and for the people, and so as a person, she feels she is fit to run a government. She owes great debt to the strong women who led nations before her: her idols Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, and Hillary Clinton. She intends to follow in their footsteps exactly, especially in the fields of destroying worker’s unions, ordering her intelligence agency to do illegal things, declaring a state of Emergency whenever she feels like it, and restraining herself from physically harming her husband (in public). She strongly believes in liberty, equality, and above all, the right to bare arms, Michelle O. style. For the first time in her adult life, she is proud of Terra, and she’s really glad she didn’t stay at home and bake cookies. Her favourite Beatle is George.

Simran Bhalla
Prime Minister

Hey Terrabitians, there’s a cool new Flickr account up and you’re invited to check it out!  Terra now has it’s own Flickr account which will feature the travels and adventures of Terrabitians.  Check out my travels yesterday to some far off worlds!


My fellow citizens of Terra!  I, the Minister of Entertainment, write to you with the most entertaining of news.  I have created, with the help of a few other behind-the-scenes workers, a massive treehouse full of goodies, such as a beautiful fireplace to tell stories around and roast marshmallows, free ice cream and Coke when you’re hungry, chairs to relax in, and a giant hot tub to melt into after a hard day’s work.  That’s not all I’ve been doing, check out this:  It’s the CEO of Second Life’s personal flickr page.  Enjoy!

I shall continue to build, create, and search the world over for fantastic objects and landmarks for all of you to drool over.

The government of Terra would like to remind all citizens that it is now officially tax season. All citizens of Terra (excluding members of Parliament) are required to pay L$5 in taxes per electoral period. Please log in to Second Life and pay your taxes now. To pay, simply click on the “Tax Box” in the middle of Terra and choose the L$5 option in the dialogue box that pops up. You should then receive a message thanking you for paying your taxes. This is also a reminder that alny citizens of Terra who fail to pay their taxes may face imprisonment and/or public humiliation. Thank you very much.

-Brendan Smith, Minister of Finance

The government of Terra would like to welcome Jalloh05 Haystack (Alhaji Jalloh) as Minister of Avatar Services

The government of Terra would like to welcome Moondance Morpork (Brendan Smith) as Minister of Finance.

The government of Terra would like to welcome Chachi Chauveau (Alex Russo) as Minister of Entertainment.

The government of Terra would like to welcome Muffinlove Muggins (Charlie Roberts) as Minister of Development.

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