Your dedicated MoE just spent far too long wandering the worlds of Second Life to bring you back some glorious footage.  Check out the new photos added to the Middlebury Terra Flickr!  Teleport boxes to visit these far off lands will soon be up and running in Terra so you can vacation too. MoE

Hey Terrabitians, there’s a cool new Flickr account up and you’re invited to check it out!  Terra now has it’s own Flickr account which will feature the travels and adventures of Terrabitians.  Check out my travels yesterday to some far off worlds! MoE

My fellow citizens of Terra!  I, the Minister of Entertainment, write to you with the most entertaining of news.  I have created, with the help of a few other behind-the-scenes workers, a massive treehouse full of goodies, such as a beautiful fireplace to tell stories around and roast marshmallows, free ice cream and Coke when […]

The government of Terra would like to welcome Chachi Chauveau (Alex Russo) as Minister of Entertainment.

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