The following amendments were made to the Constitution of Terra in December 08′:


Membership in Terra
All interested members of the Middlebury constitution should be able to pursue freedom and liberty in their Second Life, thus Terra citizenship shall be opened to all members of the Middlebury community who express interest in obtaining citizenship and are willing to abide by the Terra Constitution.

The Bill of Rights
We are an alliance based on freedom and hope to promote unadulterated liberty in Second Life, thus the government of Terra will allow the following freedoms for all citizens:
•    The right to fly
•    The right to vote
•    The right to dance
•    The right to speak, chat or whisper whenever and wherever one pleases
•    The right to bear arms
•    The right to dress as one pleases, (ex. in the nude or in a full body snowsuit)
Structure of Terra
1.    Has the ability to set the election time table
2.    Can veto legislation proposed by parliament, overturned by a 2/3 vote
1.    Can propose and vote on legislation
2.    Legislation requires a majority (8 Yes votes) to pass
3.    The power to levy taxes
1.    Composed of 3 naturalized citizens of Terra
2.    Elected in each Parliamentary election.
1.    The prime minister and his or her respective cabinet have the power to enforce proposed laws.

Amending the Constitution
Constitutional Amendments can be proposed by any elected member of the Terra parliament.
Constitutional Amendments shall go before the citizenry in a constitutional referendum, which will require ¾  majority of vote to pass.

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