What is Second Life?

Second Life is an online virtual world created and built by its residents.  The international community features a huge assortment of diverse lands and people, vibrant entertainment and opportunity, and a new world of experiences.  An avatar, or virtual alter ego, is created by each participant and then whisked to a beginner island which explains, teaches, and nurtures the new Second Life user.  Beyond the first island lays a plethora of lands, as unique as the real world.  From entrepreneurs to educators to artists, everyone can find a group of friends who share similar interests and ideology.

To learn about Second Life operation and to sign up for a free account, visit the Official Second Life website and Second Life wiki page.

If you are unfamiliar with Second Life and would like some basic instruction on:

-Account creation and logging in

-Interacting and navigating in Second Life



Use this link to visit the Middlebury Second Life wiki.

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