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Sans Texties

Well I’ve been home for break the past couple of days and I was committed to disconnecting from Texting this break for our classes assignment. I thought it would be fairly easy, or at least doable, because my family would be around and not into the texting business, and my friends from home I could call and meet up with because we all live so close.
The first challenge I faced with this disconnecting from texting was other people texting me. Whether it was a funny text, a goodbye text, or a hey are you home text, I immediately felt the need to reciprocate. I felt so awful not being able to text them back, just out of courtesy if nothing else…not to mention wanting to respond with a witty, funny, or encouraging text. Of course I could have called them ad said goodbye, or that I was home, or whatever the text was related to, but sometimes calling is just…well, a chore. You have to invest in a full on conversation, especially if you haven’t seen the person for awhile, and most likely you’re not in a situation that is very conducive to a legitimate conversation (i.e car with people, dinner, or party). Within a day, I realized the extreme convenience of a text. You can get right to the point, you can contact them quickly in any situation, you can think about what you are going to say before you say, or text, it, and you can accurately recount what you said, or what they said in order to manufacture the perfect response.
Of course its important to call people and a hell of a lot more intimate and personal to call someone, and that should ever become completely obsolete, but there is an undeniable convenience and efficiency to texting that I just can’t disconnect from at this point.
So, after 2 days I already failed… Well, I’ve failed at alot worse than that! Going “sans texties” was just too ambitious for me. I’m glad I tried it because it really put the texting business in perspective for me, but I will try to find something else a little more manageable that I can disconnect from…. how about responsibility??? I can definitely disconnect from that! Peace, Love, and Texts over break!

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