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Disconnected part 2

After failing miserably with the disconnection from texts, I decided to undertake a more manageable task of disconnecting from CD’s and DVD’s. In hindsight this doesn’t seem like a hard task at all, but at the time, for me, i thought it was quite an ambitious goal. Growing up I only listened to CD’s and tapes; i never listened to the radio and I didn’t start to put my music on my computer until about a year ago. Also, I have a pretty extensive DVD collection, and usually watch all my movies via DVDs in a DVD player or through my computer. Growing up dependent on CD’s and DVD’s for entertainment, I naively thought that I would share the same dependence when I got home. Throughout the week I listened to my favorite albums and watched some of my favorite movies, and some great new movies. All the while I didn’t touch a CD or DVD! It wasn’t even an inconvenience for me to find another media to listen to my music or watch movies on. I just plugged my computer into my speakers and could easily pick any album from the browser. Also, in respect to movies, I easily went to On Demand and had an enormous lists of movies I could watch for free (including both Twilights!!!….. i mean, fighting, sports, and action movies…)
The only time I had a slight inconvenience with the sans CD and DVD plan was when I was driving my car. I don’t like listening to the radio and I didn’t have an ipod connector to the speakers. This is where my CD’s usually come into play, but without access to them, I was forced to listen to the radio…a minor inconvenience.
Even though the disconnected project over break wasn’t very challenging for me, I took a great deal from it. It’s amazing to see in just 15 or so years media can become virtually obsolete. The CDs and DVDs that I grew up dependent on, now serve merely as relics and reminders of childhood novelties.

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