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Max Barry wrote a fiction novel about the marketing industry, more specifically, the coke marketing schemes, called Syrup. Its an unbelievable story, but, more importantly, it calls into question how far marketing should go, and it illustrates how powerful and devastating manipulation through marketing can be. Without spoiling the novel, a marketer comes up with a marketing idea that is so influential and powerful to pop-culture, that it leads to an abundance of teen suicides. Even though the novel is fiction, the marketing schemes are accurate and the negative effects of marketing are very real; especially if this genius marketing scheme from Syrup was implemented. So far no marketers have taken advertising and marketing to this drastic measure yet, but if they did, and there is nothing stopping them from doing so, there could be some extremely destructive and devastating effects for youth culture and younger generations to come.
Its pretty scary how engrossed we are in advertisements and marketing schemes. We are surrounded by them every day, and every website we visit, or television show we watch, or movie we see is littered with marketing schemes and manipulating advertisements. How far can marketing go? How much time before everything we do is monitored and recorded for marketing purposes?

I highly recommend Syrup, by the way, its a great novel (its a bit reminiscent of Thank You For Smoking)

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