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Final Portfolio

Final Project:

This video demonstrates the various uses of media and also comments on the anonymity of the internet and games.  It also comments on the different personas that the anonymity can harbor.  Subconsciously or consciously, most people are different on facebook then in person or on a forum or in a MMORPG.  It also shows how media and technology can never replace some things (i.e the actual thrill of snowboarding or attending a football game, or better yet, playing in a football game).

Gaming Video:

DDR mash-up.  Sometimes games aren’t as cool as  you think!  I found out the hard way…

Remix Video:

They seem so much more corny out of context!


Hannah and my podcast…thank god she is talking over my singing.

Paper Project:

outside view

Here’s the view of our giant fortune-teller from the outside.  We thought the spiral would add some pizazz.  As you can see below, we really wanted to play up paper’s potential for size, tactility, and three-dimensionality, so that was our main tack in making a giant version of something we used to all make in grade school.

me with fortune teller

Here’s the view when you flip it over, and unfold it to show the exterior of all the flaps: “The possibilities for manipulation of paper are endless.”

inside view

Here’s the first flap.  We tried to demonstrate all the various things you can do with pencil and pen.  The sentences around the edges read: “Pencil can be erased, and pen can always be crossed out.  Your reservoir of fonts is limited only by your imagination.  With graphite or ink, one can smudge, bleed, and perform other distortions.  Writing “freehand”, one is not constrained by lines.”

pen and pencil

Next up, we used printouts to examine things from a slightly different perspective.  It reads “Comp. screens have: Limited space, limited fonts, limited texture, limited senses, limited manipulation, limited possibilities!”  Plus, I had to pay to print that page off, so that sucks.  Then, next to some beautifully handpainted trees, we have a picture of trees with the text superimposed: “But nowadays, it’s a frequent concern that paper draws heavily on our natural resources.”

paper flap 2

Next up, my personal favorite.  We wanted to further demonstrate paper’s potential for dimensionality, so we said “paper can be cut through”, and we cut through it.  We glued some newsprint behind to make it look cool, and some creepy guy’s face ended up lurking right underneath the “U”.  Then, it says “Or, [paper] can POP UP!”  I’ll let the picture speak for itself.  It’s pretty friggin sweet.

3d flap

Our last flap showed how paper can engage the other senses.  It’s hard to translate to the nets (obvi), but it says “with some writing utensils, you can even SMELL [which we wrote with smell expo marker] and FEEL [which is painted on in a super-chunky way]“.

smell & feel

Look at that texture!


There you have it!  We’ve done the impossible: translated a project meant only for paper to a blog post.

Self Evaluation:

Well it goes without saying that my blog and twitter participation has been less than ideal.  I had a fairly strong start the first half, but by the end I really died off.  I’m going to do a couple throughout the rest of the finals week because I’m pretty much done now and finally have some time.  Other than the weak performance in blogging and twittering, I think I have contributed a great deal to the discussions and labs in class and I think I showed a real interest in the topics.  I only missed two days of class the entire semester and emailed you in advance with a legitimate reason both times, and I played an active role in class all of the other days.  Pretty easy to do with such a great class (with the exception of Mark Whalen of course)!  I think my final portfolio showcases some very creative, complex, and critical works, and think they boast of some quality time, effort, and talent put into them.  All in all, I thought it was a fun and informative class, and I think I was interested, engaged, energetic, and with the exception of my weak performance in the blogging and twittering, I think I succeeded pretty well in the course.  Thanks for a great semester, professor, and thanks for making me a The Wire addict!

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