Wifi Network

Wifi Network Upgrades


The survey indicated a high level of student dissatisfaction with the performance of the wifi network, although the satisfaction level with the availability of the network was fairly high.

Wifi network standards

To address the issues identified in the survey, LIS has established as a goal for 2013-2014 to implement baseline standards for wifi performance.  These include:

  • ability to stream video without jitter;
  • defining appropriate requirements for network capacity;
  • availability of 99.9% uptime;
  • appropriate network security measures.

Wifi access points

We also have upgraded approximately 100 wireless access points on campus that have significantly improved coverage and capacity.  Most of these upgrades are in classroom and academic buildings.

Wifi problem reporting

In order to help us better understand where the problem areas are on campus, we have created a new form to help us identify campus spaces where wifi performance or availability is consistently sub-optimal. Please see this LIS blog post for more detail.

The form can be found at go/wifitrouble (restricted to the Middlebury College community).

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