Public Printing

Public Printing

Survey of individual printers

One of our goals this year is to increase student satisfaction with public printing from 60% in 2012 MISO survey to 75% in the 2014 MISO survey.  In May we placed a short satisfaction survey near each public printer in order to assess the user’s experience with that particular printer: was it satisfactory or were there problems (e.g. out of service, out of toner, out of paper, etc.).  So far, this has allowed us to focus on Technology Helpdesk tickets related to printer outages to see if the response time on fixing problem was adequate.

Printer Management Group

We’ve created a new group within LIS consisting of service request hardware distribution staff, the CSNS network printing specialist, and others involved in oversight of printing.  One of our tasks is to review current Technology Helpdesk support request tickets to be sure they were dealt with quickly.

New Machines

We installed two new public printers this past year in locations requested by students, and they have been well-used.  We also plan to install a new printer, or move an existing one, this year to another location closer to student housing.

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