Final Portfolio

This course has not involved any grades… yet. Instead, students have been working on ongoing projects throughout the semester. Your final grades will be based on your ongoing participation (both in-class and online) and your final portfolios, which must be posted to your personal blogs by 5pm on May 12.

To assemble your portfolio, you should go to Pages on your WordPress menu and Add New. This will create a static page on your blog that will serve as your portfolio to compile your projects. Each student’s portfolio must contain the following:

  • A link to each of the five projects completed for the class (Paper, Podcast, Remix, Gaming, and Final). If it is a video or audio project, you can either link or embed the video. If it uses copyrighted material, you should be sure to upload a MiddMedia version to avoid YouTube takedowns.
  • A self-evaluation of your performance in class, including a discussion of your participation in blogging and Twitter, and any comments on your projects.

Upon finalizing your portfolio, please email the link to the page to Professor Mittell. In addition to the link, include in your email any comments about your partnerships throughout the semester – if you feel you were more or less involved in particular teams, or if you want to comment on other partner’s participation in projects, please include these confidential comments in your email.

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