Every student will create a personal blog via – each of these blogs will feed posts directly into this main class site. It is expected that each student will read and comment on posts from other students.

Participating in these class blogs is a key requirement in this course. The weekly blogging cycle will be a minimum of three blog entries each week (due by Monday’s class). One entry will respond to a “blog prompt” posted by Professor Mittell each week. One entry should directly respond to the required readings for Monday. Other entries can build on other bloggers’ entries, bring in “found objects” from the web, discuss in-class elements, or whatever crosses your mind that relates to the course.

By Wednesday’s class, you should browse other students’ posts and comments, and leave at least two comments of substance on their postings. The weekly requirement of three entries and two comments are meant as a minimum – ideally students will find blogging and commenting an engaging practice that will frequently surpass that threshold. The blogging requirement will comprise 15% of the final course grade.

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