Students are required to participate in Twitter as a medium of communication this semester. If you do not have a Twitter account, please sign-up for one – once you have an account, post your username in the comments to this thread. We will create a Twitter list for class members to follow one another.

When you have something to share with the class, post with the hashtag #fm246 – that will make the post appear in the right sidebar. You can also follow along via Twitter search or one of the many Twitter apps, like Tweetdeck or Tweetie. The requirement is that you post something related to class to Twitter at least two times each week, although if you find the system useful, you’ll probably find yourself being much more active.

You might want to register on this list of Middlebury Twitterers and look for people you know on the list. To understand Twitter, you should definite start following people and get a sense of the rhythm of the system. You can start with Jason Mittell and Joe Antonioli, and look at who they follow.

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  1. Toren Hardee

    my username is………wait for it…………torenhardee


    Guillaume Lanc Reply:

    my username is : usergl


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