Due in class, Feb. 24

This assignment is to create a paper – literally – about the medium of paper. Working in a group of 2 or 3, each group should create a single piece of paper that somehow provides critical insights, analysis, or commentary on the medium properties of paper. You can use any form of marking on paper (printers, pencils, pens, paint, etc.), collage, folding, or cutting. The paper can be any size you wish, but it should be a single continuous piece. You can use images and/or text, but remember that the primary goal is to create a piece of criticism that leverages the medium of paper to greatest effect – so ideally your paper should not be identical to what might appear on a screen.

The ideas that you explore can address any facets of paper’s grammar, form, or medium environment. Writings by McCloud, McLuhan, and Ong might be helpful in generating thoughts about paper.

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