Sciences Advisory Group Agenda, Fall 2009

Monday, November 16, 3-4 pm, MBH 331


1. Announcements [5 minutes]

  • LIS and the CTLR are looking for examples of  innovative uses of technology to feature on the new Teaching with Technology Blog and in next year’s Pedagogy and Technology Fair.
  • Other announcements?

2. Effects of budget cuts on LIS services and resources (Carol Peddie) [20 minutes]

3. Updates and followup from previous meetings: [15 minutes]

  • Is DFS/middfiles faster than Tigercat?
  • Calendar for software updates:  coming.
  • Network registration issues for fixed-location computers: contact Howie.
  • Web Makeover:
    • Still haven’t determined date when old system will be unavailable.
    • Intellectual property:  The copyright guidelines in the college handbook are there to assist people to make this determination.  The handbook also has guidelines on sharing student records.  It is not our policy to review posted material unless we are notified that there is a problem.
  • Segue blog for updates.  And, Alex Chapin is interested in coming to a future meeting.

4. Next steps for our May discussion on research and tech instruction [10 minutes]

5. Feedback, please:  Are these meetings useful?  How could they be better? [5 minutes]

6. Next meeting:  March? [5 minutes]

Notes from May 2009 meeting of the Sciences Group

The Sciences Advisory Group met on May 20, 2009

Attending: Carrie Macfarlane, Matt Landis, Jason Mittell, Steve Sontum, Bill Hegman, Pete Ryan, Matt Dickerson, Shel Sax, Stephen Ratcliffe, Bill Peterson, Roger Sandwick, Jason Mittell

The topics of this meeting were:

  • Web Makeover
  • Segue
  • Research and technology instruction for students

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