Social Science Advisory Group

Meetings of Library Faculty Advisory Groups are on hold indefinitely while we try to determine the best way to gather input from faculty and share news.


LIS Faculty Divisional Advisory Groups Introduction

Meeting Notes
Dec 2013 May 2013 Dec 2012 Mar 2012 Nov
May 2011 May 2010 Oct 2009 May 2009 Feb 2009


  • Brenda Ellis – LIS
  • Bert Johnson – Political Science (on sabbatical 2013/’14, replaced by Kemi Fuentes-George)

FLAC Member

  • TBD

LIS Administration Member

  • Terry Simpkins

Members (TBD = Chair by default)

Dept Chair Rep Liaison 1 Liaison 2
Economics Peter Matthews TBD Terry Simpkins Brenda Ellis
Education Studies Jonathan Miller-Lane TBD Richard Jenkins Shel Sax
Environmental Studies Jon Isham Jon Isham Brenda Ellis Shel Sax
International Studies Mark Williams (F/W)/Timi Mayer (S) TBD Brenda Ellis Shel Sax
Political Science Matt Dickinson Kemi Fuentes-George Brenda Ellis Shel Sax
Psychology Marcia Collaer Barbara Hofer (sabbatical) Carrie Macfarlane Bryan Carson
Sociology /Anthropology Linus Owens David Stoll (sabbatical) Stacy Reardon Shel Sax
Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies Sujata Moorti TBD Stacy Reardon Mack Roark

Helpful Links:

Information Literacy at Middlebury College  (go/infolit)

LIS for Faculty  (go/lis4faculty)

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