Sciences Advisory Group

Meetings of Library Faculty Advisory Groups are on hold indefinitely while we try to determine the best way to gather input from faculty and share news.


About the LIS Faculty Divisional Advisory Groups


  • Wendy Shook – LIS
  • [TBD] – Faculty

FLAC Member

  • n/a


Dept Chair Dept Rep LIS Liaison
Biology Grace Spatafora Vickie Backus Wendy Shook
Chemistry and Biochemistry Rick Bunt Rick Bunt Wendy Shook
Computer Science Daniel Scharstein Daniel Scharstein Wendy Shook
Geography Anne Knowles Bill Hegman Hans Raum
Geology Jeff Munroe Jeff Munroe Wendy Shook
Mathematics Frank Swenton Frank Swenton Bryan Carson
Molecular Biology and Biochemstry Jeremy Ward TBD Wendy Shook
Neuroscience Tom Root Kim Cronise Carrie Macfarlane
Physics Susan Watson Noah Graham Wendy Shook
Science Grants Dean of Faculty’s Office Alison Darrow Wendy Shook
Center for Teaching, Learning and Research Shel Sax
Director of the Natural Sciences Bob Cluss
LIS Area Directors Terry Simpkins
LIS Curricular Technology Joe Antonioli