Languages Advisory Group

Meetings of Library Faculty Advisory Groups are on hold indefinitely while we try to determine the best way to gather input from faculty and share news.


About the LIS Advisory Groups


  • Joy Pile – LIS
  • Enrique Garcia – Faculty

FLAC Representative

  • Paula Schwartz, Lois B. Watson Professor of French


Dept Chair Rep Liaison 1 Liaison 2
Arabic Larry Yarbrough Sam Liebhaber Joy Pile Shel Sax
Chinese Wei He Xu Stacy Reardon Shel Sax
French Paula Schwartz Julien Weber Joy Pile Shel Sax
German Bettina Matthias Bettina Matthias Joy Pile Shel Sax
Italian Stefano Mula Ilaria Brancoli-Busdraghi Joy Pile Shel Sax
Japanese Studies Steve Snyder Steve Snyder Joy Pile Shel Sax
Russian Kevin Moss Tom Beyer Joy Pile Shel Sax
Spanish &
Patricia Saldarriaga Marcos Rohena-Madrazo Stacy Reardon Shel Sax

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