ACS goal: Liaison program

Goal: Build a proactive relationship with academic departments through the revitilized LIS liaison program.

Supports Stragetic Choices
#1 – move to cloud computing and next gen tools; emerging technology
#2 – new models for service delivery; new org structures
#4 – staff development as part of performance process
Supports Main Things


1. By summer 2010 identify core sets of services and resources that all liaisons need to be familiar with, and provide training to allow all liaisons to achieve a similar level of familiarity.
2. By summer 2010 define the expectations around expertise in particular areas of specialization (e.g. collection development, video editing, etc.) document where that expertise resides within the organization and provide training to build up that expertise and/or fill gaps.


We need to efficiently provide for faculty and students’ library instruction, educational technology instruction (including technology present in various classrooms), individual research, assistance in the development of course assignments requiring library research or educational technology, and the liaison program is a coure vehicle for doing this. In addition, we need to promote new and current LIS services to the community.
– tracking and creating a timeline for this outcome will be the challenge.
– this outcome is a “moving target” and will be hard to quantify. How do we evaluate the level of proactiveness?
– The blog that was created to document the faculty tech fair could be used and incorporated into this goal.

ACS will complete the rolling out of the new faculty liaison program by the end of June. The new liaison program will improve the way that we work with faculty to integrate technology and library resources into the curriculum, simplifying the paths that faculty need to follow to use our services and amplifying our understandingt of what faculty and students want and need from us.
-what are the key milestons and how do we track them?

This will require the time of everyone within ACS, as well as some time from folks outside of ACS but within LIS. Resource conflicts within ACS will be managed within ACS, broader resource conflicts will be brought to the attention of the AD team.
– an inventory of who’s doing what within LIS and the broader LIS skill set in general may need to be created.
– how the liaison program interfaces and overlaps with the Curriculum Technology Team and the Media Tutors is still to be resolved. 

We need to commit time to working on this, and to working with departments to assess the efficacy of this new model.

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