US Goal – Baseline Knowledge and Skills

Goal Statement
Establish a “User Services Literacy” standard for baseline knowledge and skills every member of User Service should have.

Supports Strategic Choices
#1 – move to cloud computing and next gen tools; emerging technology
#2 – new models for service delivery; new org structures
#4 – staff development as part of performance process
Supports Main Things

-Develop an ongoing program to learn “FIVE NEW THINGS” in TEN WEEK time chunks
-Menu of FIVE THINGS” that evolves to match new tech trends and directions
-Self-paced; self-scheduled menu of learning platform choices to suit schedules and work demands – web-based; workshops; 1:1 and small group tutorials
-Menu of modules to choose from – with Liberal Arts model of distribution areas, requirements and electives; with a focus on tangible tools and practical, applicable know-how
-System to track accomplishments and incorporate into performance process

Possible menu of competency modules:
-Blogging – read, comment, publish; rss; tagging
-Wiki – add a page; edit a page; be able to seach and find documentation; tagging
-Library Resources -how to search Library data-bases and catalog
-Print/copy – troubleshooting
-Smart classroom – troubleshooting; how-to
-Personal computing
-Photo and image – search, edit, resources
-Web bookmarking tools
-Web-based/cloud applications and computing
-Podcasts, video, streaming, music
-Personal web pages -iGoogle; Drupal profiles ; College Directory
-Real-time trends – twitter etc.
-Geo and location
-Mobile computing
-Social Gaming
-Personal privacy issues
-Social web

-Stay current with trends in library and information services
-Develop a “Change ready” attitute
-Gain confidence in ability to learn new tools
-Bridge LIS work areas
-Decrease fear of learning new things
-Open minds to new ideas
-Encourage discovery and innovation in the workplace
-Encourage staff to explore new tech with an eye to integrating into daily work
-Engage in activities to inspire imagination, curiosity
-Learning as its own reward
-Have fun
-Collaboration across User Services and LIS
-Foster team ethic
-Share knowledge – learn and teach
-Create an environment and have expectations for staff to work together
-Develop generalist knowledge of LIS resources and tools; and emerging technologies

-Inventory skills; identify experts – May ‘10
-Develop the list of competency modules – July ‘10
-Create a system of MY FIVE THINGS to track individual and group progress – July ’10
-Every staff member in User Services contracts to accomplish at least 5 modules from menu – Sept ‘10
-Celebrate the accomplishments – Sept ‘10
-Evaluate and assess program – what worked/did not? Re-evaluate effectiveness of program, system, platform – go/no go of program – Nov ‘10
-If go –develop new menu offerings – Jan ‘11

-Align with newly formed Training Team to support leaning opportunities
-Partner with Web Team to learn about WordPress and Media wiki
-Curriciular Technology Team as a resource for identifying new technology learning meeds
-Internal “experts” identified to direct learning modules
-Collaborate with LIS Liaison program

-Minimum outcome – all US staff exposed to 5 new skills
-Maximum outcome – 50% US staff exceed goal – and go beyond the 5 new things
-Low cost – potential to tap into existing low cost/free resources and tools
-Partnering across User Services
-Non-threatening, self-paced, self-scheduled learning
-Realistic – 5 small steps at a time
-Allows participation by all
-Fun and productive; self-motivating
Possible barriers:
-Changing LIS org structure
-Pressing demands of day-to-day work
-Fewer staff resources

1 thought on “US Goal – Baseline Knowledge and Skills

  1. Mary Backus

    I love the way this goal/initiative is structured, but the more I think about it, the more I think that this should fall under the purview of the Training and Education Team. I do think that User Services needs to have a baseline literacy/competency structure, and I hope that the Training and Education Team could use the work that went into developing this goal to perhaps help each LIS Area put a baseline literacy standard in place. I think that if User Services establishes this as a Area goal, we will duplicate and conflict with the work of that team, so I recommend that we (User Services) drop this as an Area goal and offer it as a beginning possibility to the Training and Education Team to work with.


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