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25th Annual Writing and Teaching Retreat

Joy, Steve and I attended a 3-day Writing and Teaching Retreat for faculty, organized by the CTLR and held at the Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden. We led a session called “Undergraduates as Researchers,” brainstormed with faculty in syllabus workshops, and gave individual and small-group introductions to the course hub, Moodle, and other curricular technology.

Here are just a few take-aways from the event:

  • During our session on undergraduates as researchers, several faculty members agreed that determining whether or not a source is appropriate for use in a paper is one of the most important skills for student writers to learn; it also is one of the most difficult skills to teach.
  • In a session on oral presentation skills, we learned that simply taking a deep breath as you approach a podium can help you speak more clearly.
  • When working with first-year seminar faculty, some in the CTLR like to share this advice:  “You are creating the students you want to see in your other classes.”
  • Both students and faculty won’t always ask for help, even if they might need it. “We don’t know what we don’t know,” one faculty member pointed out.
  • When planning a class or a workshop, start at the end (ask, “What do I want the students to have learned?”) and work backwards. This should help you decide which content to prioritize.

One more thing: The Mountain Top Inn is a really nice place!

Welcome to our summer students

Welcome to the summer Language School and Breadloaf students.

  • Find useful tips on the LIS pages (go/lis), (go/lib), and (go/helpdesk)
  • Use (go/subjectguides) for links to databases, CDs, video and more
  • Begin your research, searching for articles across both databases and MIDCAT (the library catalog) with Summon.
  • The music collection has moved into the Davis Family Library, link here to view a map depicting the updated location of materials.
  • Study Carrel Suites have been set aside for use by specific Language Schools; individual carrels within the Language Suites are available on a first come, first served basis and may not be reserved; the Language Suites are intended for the exclusive use of the language specified. MAP
  • If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to Ask a Librarian.

China Academic Journals – a newly added database

Doing research for a paper in Chinese on literature, philosophy or history? Now you can find full-text and full-image journal articles in Chinese when you search China Academic Journals. One can search in either English or Chinese,  although Chinese font/software is required for displaying and inputting vernacular Chinese characters. China Academic Journals is part of the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKInet) and is produced by Qinghua University.

Recent article by Robert Darnton

Robert Darnton, Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor and Director of the Harvard University Library, describes many of the issues facing libraries – from digital books to the rising price of journals in this article published November 23, 2010 in the New York Review of books.

Another way to find language related music CDs

Here’s another short video that uses a link on a subject guide in order to search for music CDs in a foreign language.

Already have a performer or band in mind? You can also search in Midcat using the name of the performer or band. (Check out this other video on using MIDCAT to find music CDs in foreign languages.)

If we don’t own it, try NExpress or ask us to order it. We welcome your suggestions.

And that’s the news for today…

Looking for the latest news? Just as nationally the number of dailies and weeklies available at the newsstand, the local drugstore or delivered to your doorstep has decreased in recent years, so too has the number of paper subscriptions that the library receives and puts out on the shelves in the Harman Reading room. But access to news from both the United States and around the world, current and archival, has actually increased through the library’s subscriptions to news databases. To locate and explore the wealth of news sources available to you through the library portal follow the link to the newspaper guide. And keep up with the latest political scandal, cricket scores or just compare sources for accuracy and bias.