LIS Web Presence Team – Charge and Deliverables

Some clarification on the charge after talking with Jeff this afternoon.

The charge for this team is to design, develop, and maintain the LIS web presence, which serves as a means to provide the entire Middlebury community with information about services and resources, as well as a means to actually deliver those services, and provide access to resources.

Create brand new LIS Web Presence
Easy to find (things), easy to use, easy to maintain, user centric, more self-service
Involve end-users: develop + test
Beta 11/9
Public Beta Test 12/10/09
Public Launch 01/04/10

Develop LIS staff work flow and content management, protocol procedures – apply to new web presence
Test 10/11/09
In place 12/09

Asses/evaluate new LIS web presence (end-users)
04/2010 + ongoing

Develop “site-refresh” strategies

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