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LIS site improvements since usability testing

Soon after the launch of the new Middlebury web site, the LIS website team conducted usability testing on the LIS parts of the site (see report 1, report 2). Many improvements have been made based on the feedback received during testing. Since part of the Team’s charge for this year included following-up on these recommendations, we thought it best to share some of the highlights. These changes were made with the help of many content managers and website editors; we thank you for your contributions!: Continue reading

Digital Archives Team – charge, priorities, and other introductions

In an attempt to ‘catch up’ with the other teams (LIS-blog-wise), we are starting out by posting our first few important documents or decisions. Other posts in the near future will describe what we’ve accomplished so far. Then, sometime in the next couple of weeks, we will be regularly posting updates like the other two teams have been doing.

Our charge:
develop and promulgate digitization standards; to create a process for prioritizing digitization efforts; to create workflows to allow for effective scanning, storage, cataloging, and archiving; to provide access to digital collections through various means.

Our priorities:
* Develop a policy for approving and prioritizing new projects – 12/2009
* Review of existing projects (standards and relevance) – 5/2010
* Work with Collection Management to integrate metadata creation for digital projects into CM workflow – 5/2010
* Investigate best practices for digital preservation actions – 5/2010

And our ‘vision’:

* What you want to accomplish and why

The Digital Archives team will recommend strategies that expand the vision of a digital library and develop policies that best utilize staff expertise to deliver relevant digital resources to the scholarly community.

* “What’s in it for me” for those affected

For collection curators:

* collections will be organized, described, managed and made accessible in alignment with LIS standards and priorities

* established work flows will ensure that projects are prioritized, planned for and completed
* there will be ongoing assessment of collection practices and policies

For scholarly researchers:

o you will have access to valuable materials that have been consistently described

For LIS:

* LIS staff and resources will be used judiciously
* consolidation of material and location of material
* collections will be managed and preserved for the long-term
* you will know why you are working on a particular collection
* projects will typically be completed before moving on
* projects will be seen as belonging to LIS rather than to individuals
* decisions will be based on clearly defined policies and priorities

LIS Web Presence Team – Charge and Deliverables

Some clarification on the charge after talking with Jeff this afternoon.

The charge for this team is to design, develop, and maintain the LIS web presence, which serves as a means to provide the entire Middlebury community with information about services and resources, as well as a means to actually deliver those services, and provide access to resources.

Create brand new LIS Web Presence
Easy to find (things), easy to use, easy to maintain, user centric, more self-service
Involve end-users: develop + test
Beta 11/9
Public Beta Test 12/10/09
Public Launch 01/04/10

Develop LIS staff work flow and content management, protocol procedures – apply to new web presence
Test 10/11/09
In place 12/09

Asses/evaluate new LIS web presence (end-users)
04/2010 + ongoing

Develop “site-refresh” strategies

Team Vision Statement

To fulfill the LIS vision, “We bring knowledge to you,” we are creating a stronger presence for LIS within the College website. With intuitive navigation and inviting interfaces, and a workflow that allows simple maintenance, we will provide easy access to our resources and services. The community will gain a dynamic website that enables interaction, knowledge sharing, and communication about the great work we do.