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Vision – revisited?

Not urgent or critical that we discuss or act on this now – but I wanted to add an additional comment about the vision statement.
I think we need to include something about the interactive nature of the new LIS website in the vision statement. Will the new LIS web site serve as an effective multi-directional communication tool for LIS staff and our users?
Does the vision statement adequately reflect the self-service component of our charge?

Here is the current vision statement:
We are creating a web site with intuitive navigation, easy access to services and resources, inviting interfaces, and a workflow that allows simple maintenance.

LIS Web Presence Team – Charge and Deliverables

Some clarification on the charge after talking with Jeff this afternoon.

The charge for this team is to design, develop, and maintain the LIS web presence, which serves as a means to provide the entire Middlebury community with information about services and resources, as well as a means to actually deliver those services, and provide access to resources.

Create brand new LIS Web Presence
Easy to find (things), easy to use, easy to maintain, user centric, more self-service
Involve end-users: develop + test
Beta 11/9
Public Beta Test 12/10/09
Public Launch 01/04/10

Develop LIS staff work flow and content management, protocol procedures – apply to new web presence
Test 10/11/09
In place 12/09

Asses/evaluate new LIS web presence (end-users)
04/2010 + ongoing

Develop “site-refresh” strategies

Team Vision Statement

To fulfill the LIS vision, “We bring knowledge to you,” we are creating a stronger presence for LIS within the College website. With intuitive navigation and inviting interfaces, and a workflow that allows simple maintenance, we will provide easy access to our resources and services. The community will gain a dynamic website that enables interaction, knowledge sharing, and communication about the great work we do.

Vision Statement Ideas: Liz

We are working to redevelop the LIS web presence to make it easier for people to find useful and helpful information about our services and resources.  Our goal is  to make the LIS website more intuitive, inviting and simple to navigate in order to help our end users become more self-sufficient.  We hope to make it simpler and quicker for users to fine the tools and resources they need.

Vision Statement Ideas: Elin

What: Create an interactive and dynamic web site that will enchant and engage our diverse community of users, a web site that will adapt to the needs of our users as they navigate a changing and rapidly evolving technology landscape. A web site that is adaptable to mobile platforms and allows for customization/personalization. Content that is relevant, current, and well-written – with a consistent LIS voice. Layout that is consistent in theme, format, content and navigation.
Why: Facilitate access to constantly changing and evolving information resources and services. Create a happy and productive user experience that positions the LIS web page as a vital component of the academic lives of our students and faculty.
wiifm: New and innovative, and a joy to use, change, maintain and update. Easy and fun to navigate. Designed for function, well designed. “A great experience is invisible, bad design is apparent”

Looks like I’ll be taking a loooong elevator ride…