Preparations for TUESDAY, March 03: Please (please) do the readings for next Tuesday’s class ahead of time as preparation for my lecture that day.  Please ALSO read the Hopkins “Singing the body of God” excerpt.  We will spend the last half hour of class in the College Museum’s Reiff Gallery, reconsidering the Vishnu sculpture in light of the Hopkins reading, and we will also look at a Buddhist manuscript cover, a Jain painting, and a Mughal painting as preparation for your 2-page response paper to the material, due for Thursday’s class.

05-Pre Mughal-15

05-Pre-Mughal paintings and the Introduction of Early Mughal culture Slide List (rev)-15

06-Imperial Individuality- The Growth of Mughal Painting under Akbar-15

06-Imperial Individuality Growth of Mughal Painting under Akbar Slide List-15

HARC0227 Week 04 class preparation and response paper guidelines

Akbar-Nama, Folio 77 Akbar's pilgrimage on foot to Ajmer in thanksgiving for the birth of Prince Mirza Salim (Jahangir) in 1569

Selections from the Hamza-Nama

Abul Fazl’s Akbar-Nama

Abul Fazl’s preface from the Ain-i Akbari

Abul Fazl Ai’n-i Akbari Arts of Writing and Painting


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