Theses and Projects

I’m in the process of updating this material — Jan 2017! -AG

2013/05 Modelling Trajectories of Rydberg Atoms in an Electric Field
Erik Weidner, Class of ’13, Senior Thesis
2012/12 Implementation of Circuits for Laser Temperature Stability
Harry Philip, Class of ’13, Senior Project
2012/12 Calibrating Images of Laser Cooling
Ali Andrews, Class of ‘12.5, Senior Thesis
2012/05 Designing a Stabilized Laser System for Laser Cooling
Alex Clement, Class of ’12, Senior Thesis
2012/05 Vacuum Chamber Design for a Magneto-Optical Trap
Connor Fitzsimmons, Class of ’12, Senior Project
2012/05 Moving Towards Fiber Optics
John Montroy, Class of ’12, Senior Project
2011/05 The Road to Laser Cooling Rubidium Vapor
Tom Stark, Class of ’11, Senior Thesis