Student Presentations

Summer Symposium — August 2016
Rene Gonzalez ’17: Modeling Intensity of Scattered Light for a Launched Atom Cloud
Eduardo Alejandro ’17: Manipulating Laser Beams for Atom Cooling, Rydberg Excitation, and Optical Tweezing

DAMOP conference — June 2016
Emma Erwin ‘15.5: Characterization of Launched Atoms Leading to Observations of Cold Rydberg Atoms in the Field of a Charged Wire — Providence, Rhode Island (American Physical Society annual conference).

Spring Symposium — April 2016
Larson Lovdal ‘16.5: Constructing a Simple and Versatile Optical Tweezer
Gus Longo ’16: Observing Laser-Cooled Rubidium Atoms

Spring Symposium — April 2014
Colleen Harper ’14: Analyzing Initial Observations of Laser-Cooled Atoms

Spring Symposium — April 2013
Erik Weidner ’13: Modeling Trajectories of Rydberg Atoms in an Electric Field
… and Mattias Fitzpatrick with Nanowire presentation.

Summer Symposium — August 2012
Jacob Hobbie ’15: Manipulating Beam Polarization for Laser Cooling
Dew Narawat ’14: Preparing a Proper Place for Cooling Atoms

Spring Symposium — April 2012
Ali Andrews ‘12.5: Preparation for Imaging Laser-Cooled Rubidium Atoms

Summer Symposium — July 2011
Alex Clement ’12, Connor Fitzsimmons ‘12: Calibrating and Manipulating Light for Laser Cooling

Spring Symposium — April 2011
Thomas Stark ‘11: Cooling a Gas Using Laser Light