Equipment Info

Links below provide information on equipment used for our research.

Photodetector 818-SL, Low Power — Newport
Max intensity: 2 mW/cm^2 (with OD3 attenuator)

Rb Lamp — Osram
Rubidium Vapour Spectral Line Source

Spectrum Analyzers Brochure — Coherent
Relevant to Model 240 and 216V

LB2001 Manual — Sacher Lasertechnik
Commercial feedback servo for locking laser

Waveplate Data — ThorLabs
data (xls file) for quarter and half waveplates, 780 nm
And the related Thorlabs Website: here

Donley, et al, 2005 — AOM or ADM configuration
2005 article from NIST, published in Rev. of Sci. Instruments

Lock-in Amplifier — SRS application note
General info about using a lock-in, how it works, etc.