2017 Program

Friday October 13th, 2017

Panels will run for 90 minutes, with each presentation lasting no more than 15 minutes. The remaining time will be dedicated to conversation between the chair, panelists, and the audience. All events will take place in the Axinn Center, and are free & open to the public.

Global Policy Interventions – 1:00pm, Axinn 229
Chair: Emily Proctor

Svea Closser, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Is Ethiopia’s volunteer Community Health Worker program empowering rural women or exploiting them?

Erick Gong, Assistant Professor of Economics
HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa: The role of poverty in the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Jessica L’Roe, Assistant Professor of Geography
Forest edges in western Uganda: From refuge for the poor to zone of investment

Caitlin Myers, Associate Professor of Economics
How far is too far?  New evidence on the effect of abortion clinic closures

Race and Representation – 1:00pm, Axinn 232
Chair: Jim Ralph

Erik Bleich, Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science
Media Portrayals of Muslims: How Bad Are They?

Jason Mittell, Professor of Film & Media Culture and American Studies
How Black Lives Matter in The Wire

Brandon BairdMarcos Rohena-Madrazo, Assistant Professors of Spanish & Portuguese and Linguistics
Hearing race on a single word: a study in experimental sociophonetics

Shawna Shapiro, Associate Professor of Writing and Linguistics
Deficit Discourse and the Education of Refugee-background Students

Queer Politics – 1:00pm, Axinn 109
Chair: Sujata Moorti

Kevin Moss, Jean Thomson Fulton Professor of Modern Languages & Literature
Queering Ethnicity in the Serbian Film Parade

Carly Thomsen, Assistant Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
Metronormativity as Legacy: Matthew Shepard, Gay Rights, and Rural Place

Catharine Wright, Director of Writing Program; Assistant Professor in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies
An Uncivil Union: Reading from a novel-in-progress


The Art and Science of the Environment – 2:45pm, Axinn 232
Chair: Jason Mittell

Dan Brayton, Associate Professor of English & American Literatures and Environmental Studies Shakespeare and the Marine Environment

Lindsay Dreiss, Teaching Fellow in Geography
Is timing everything?: the role of phenology in invasive species success

Kirsten Hoving, Professor of Art History
Land and Lens: Photographers Envision the Environment

Kristina Walowski, Assistant Professor of Geology
Before it blows: The science behind volcanic eruptions

Historical Investigations – 2:45pm, Axinn 219
Chair: Katy Smith Abbott

Thomas Beyer, C.V. Starr Professor of Russian and East European Studies
Fact and Fiction in Dan Brown’s Novels

Pieter Broucke, Professor of History of Art and Architecture
The Ancient Architecture on Yeronisos, Cyprus: Towards a Preliminary Interpretation

Louisa Burnham, Associate Professor of History
Unusual Choices: A Lone and Lonely Heretic in Fourteenth-Century France

(Re)Construction of Identity – 2:45pm, Axinn 109
Chair: Baishakhi Taylor

Hang Du, Associate Professor of Chinese and Linguistics
Study abroad in China: A case study of ethnic minority college students

Guntram Herb, Professor of Geography
Indigenous Borderlands and Border Rites

Rebecca Mitchell, Assistant Professor of History
Baptized Tatars in Orthodox Russia: Conversion, Ascription and Song

Understanding Behavior & Choices – 2:45pm, Axinn 229
Chair: Jeffrey Cason

Jeffrey Carpenter, James Jermain Professor of Political Economy
Auctions for Charity

Sarah Stroup, Associate Professor of Political Science
The Authority Trap: Strategic Choices of International NGOs

Jessica Teets (Associate Professor) and Orion Lewis (Assistant Professor) of Political Science
Political Personalities: Exploring the Micro Foundations of Autocratic and Democratic Rule in China


Technologies of Seeing – 4:30pm, Axinn 232
Chair: Susan Baldridge

Michael Durst, Assistant Professor of Physics
Biomedical Optics: Laser-Based Imaging

Leger Grindon, Walter Cerf Distinguished Professor of Film & Media Culture
Staging a Murder / Documenting Subjectivity in The Thin Blue Line (1988)

Christian Keathley, Professor of Film & Media Culture
Videographic Film & Media Criticism

Daniel Scharstein, Charles A. Dana Professor of Computer Science
The Middlebury Computer Vision Benchmarks

Education & Knowledge – 4:30pm, Axinn 109
Chair: Andi Lloyd

James Calvin Davis, Professor of Religion
Jonathan Edwards and the Life of the Mind

Barbara Hofer, Professor of Psychology
The Psychology of Science Denial and Doubt: Problems in the Public Understanding of Science

Trinh Tran, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Reframing the School Choice Debate: Understanding School Choice as Desperate Attempts to Flee Violent Neighborhoods

Questions of Race, Gender, and Nation – 4:30pm, Axinn 229
Chair: Jessica Teets

Sujata Moorti, Professor of Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies
Revisiting Gilead: Televised Feminism and Reproductive Rights

James Chase Sanchez, Assistant Professor of Writing
Erasing the Noose: The (Lack of) Public Memory Surrounding Mexican Lynchings

Linda White, Associate Professor of Japanese Studies
Surname Activism and the Household Register in Japan

Religion and Rhetoric – 4:30pm, Axinn 219
Chair: Erik Bleich

Eliza Garrison, Associate Professor of Art History
Motion and Time in the Egbert Psalter

Sebnem Gumuscu, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Islamists between Democracy and Authoritarianism: Comparing Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia

Dana Yeaton, Assistant Professor of Theatre
Aristotle Takes Broadway: Classical Rhetoric in the Smash Hit Hamilton

Interstitials between panels:

Performance/Demonstration in Lobby:

Joe Antonioli, Senior Curricular Innovation Strategist
“Exit 1” by Root7 (acapella group)

Exhibit in Winter Garden:

Mira Veikley, Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre
Middlebury College Antique Clothing Collection

Reception at 6:00pm to celebrate event