Program Schedule

Friday October 7, 2022 at the Axinn Center

Panels will run for 90 minutes, with each presentation lasting no more than 20 minutes for 3-person panels and 15 minutes for 4-person panels. The remaining 30 minutes will be dedicated to conversation between the chair, panelists, and the audience.

11:15 am, Axinn 103: Delving into Layers of Time
Chair: Kathy Morse

Greg Pask, Assistant Professor of Biology
Embracing the Dark Side: Understanding Evolution Through Unlighted Fireflies

Alexis Mychajliw, Assistant Professor of Biology & Environmental Studies
Tar pit time capsules: 50,000 years of ecology trapped in asphalt

Miguel Fernandez, Professor of Luso-Hispanic Studies
Venturing into New Waters: A Humanist Dives into Marine Archaeology

11:15 am, Axinn 232: Hidden Histories
Chair: Grace Spatafora

Lana Povitz, Assistant Professor of History and Jewish Studies
No Correct Way to Love This Woman: Writing the Lives of Shulamith Firestone

Jay Dunn, Visiting Professor of Theatre and Guest Director
Commedia dell’Arte: The Discovery of Human Expressivity

Adi Livny, Israel Institute Teaching Fellow in Modern Hebrew and Israeli Society
The Settler University: Towards a New History of Knowledge Institutions

1:00 pm, Axinn 103: Environmental Disruptions
Chair: Jessica Teets

Molly Anderson, William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Food Studies
Global food crisis?  What’s the impact of the war in Ukraine?

Eric Moody, Assistant Professor of Biology and Molly Costanza-Robinson, Professor of Environmental Chemistry
Impacts of road salt pollution on stream ecology and chemistry along an urbanization gradient in Vermont’s Lake Champlain Basin

AJ Vasiliou, Associate Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry
Renewable Energy from the Molecule to the Mopad

1:00 pm, Axinn 109: Follow the Data
Chair: Erin Eggleston

Genie Giaimo, Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric
Learning Through Pleasure: What Assessment Can Tell Us About Student Writing Confidences and Learning Outcomes

Erik Bleich, Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science
What Can Big Data Tell Us about Media Coverage of Muslims?

David Munro, Assistant Professor of Economics
Inflation and (in)attention

1:00 pm, Axinn 232: Media Messages
Chair: Greg Pask

Jason Mittell, Professor of Film & Media Culture
Studying Television through Video Essays: The Case of Breaking Bad

Peter Tarjanyi, Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies
The French New Wave of Queer Cinema

Markus Gerke, Dissertation Scholar in Sociology
Imagining the Nation through Sports: The Olympics, Patriotism, National Self-Stereotypes, and the Influence of Sports Broadcasts

2:45 pm, Axinn 103: Puzzling Reactions and Interactions
Chair: Jim Ralph

Lindsay Repka, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Visible-light Photocatalysis and Target Identification: Toward chemical tools for exploring biological interactions

Siegfried Bleher, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics  
Are there Topological Determinants of High Efficiency Photosynthesis in the FMO Complex?

Sebnem Gumuscu, Associate Professor of Political Science
Erdogan’s Rule and Islamization in Turkey

2:45 pm, Axinn 232: Crossing Boundaries
Chair: Jason Mittell

Mark Saltveit, Circulation Supervisor, Davis Family Library
The Palindromic SATOR square outside of Western Europe

Dima Ayoub, Assistant Professor of Arabic
Gendering Arabic

Michael Sheridan, Professor of Anthropology
Chasing dragons in the Caribbean: Boundaries in a postslavery peasant society

Olga Sanchez Saltveit, Assistant Professor of Theatre
Tricks to Inherit: Translations in Action

3:00 pm,  Axinn 109: Performing Community Building workshop
with Damascus Kafumbe, Associate Professor of Music

4:15 pm, Axinn Winter Garden: Reception for presenters and attendees
Opening Remarks by Michelle McCauley, Interim Provost

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