2018 Fall Faculty Forum Panels & Schedule

October 5, 2018 

Panels will run for 90 minutes, with each presentation lasting no more than 15 minutes for 4-person panels and 12 minutes for 5-person panels. The remaining 30 minutes will be dedicated to conversation between the chair, panelists, and the audience.

Understanding and Studying Development – 1:00pm AXINN 219 (chair: James Davis) 

Bob McCleery        Professor, Graduate School of International Policy and Management
Governance and Development: Knowns, Known Unknowns, and Unknown Unknowns

Beryl Levinger        Distinguished Professor and Chair, Development Practice and Policy Program
Protecting Children: a comparative analysis of 175 countries and 50 US states

Amanda G. Gregg        Assistant Professor of Economics
Financing Industrialization in Imperial Russia: Insights from Newly Collected Firm-Level Data

Julia Berazneva and Tanya Byker        Assistant Professors, Economics
Impacts of environmental degradation: Forest loss, malaria, and child outcomes in Nigeria


Advocacy and Research – 1:00pm AXINN 232 (chair: Baishakhi Taylor)

Matthew Taylor        Assistant Professor of Music
An African American Experience depicted in Prayer Service for Earnestine

Gloria Estela González Zenteno        Professor of Spanish
A Bullhorn for First Nations: The Artist as Messenger of a Fragile World’s Survival

Carly Thomsen        Assistant Professor, Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
Abortion as Gender Transgression: Reproductive Justice, Queer Theory, and Anti-Crisis Pregnancy Center Activism

Daniel Chiu Suarez        Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies
Biologists of the World Unite!


Rhetoric and Inclusion – 1:00pm AXINN 103 (chair: Christopher Star)

Lisa Leopold        Associate Professor, English for Academic and Professional Purposes
Analyzing private and public apologies

Erik Bleich        Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science
What is Hate Speech?

Shawna Shapiro        Associate Professor, Writing & Rhetoric Program/ Linguistics Program
“I can’t define it, but I know what it feels like”: Student Conceptions of Inclusivity at Middlebury

2:30 Coffee Break


Innovations in Pedagogy – 2:45pm Axinn 232 (chair: Sarah Stroup)

Jason Martel        Associate Professor, TESOL/TFL
Exploring the influence of ACTFL’s Integrated Performance Assessment on teaching in an intensive summer language program

Steve Abbott and Cheryl Faraone        Professor of Mathematics and Professor of Theatre
Science as Art in Contemporary Theater

Michael Linderman        Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
Where do genomicists come from? Leveraging personal genomes to enhance genomics education

Peter Hamlin        Christian A. Johnson Professor of Music
Music in Virtual Space

Fabiola Stein        Assistant, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Group work collaborative activities: tracing learning trajectories throughout the accomplishment of pedagogical tasks


Novel Research Methodologies – 2:45pm Axinn 229 (chair: Anne Goodsell)

Paul Hess        Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics
Building a crystal atom by atom using levitated atomic ions

Sayaka Abe        Assistant Professor, Department of Japanese Studies
Indescribable emotions in Japanese: Where meaning and context meet

Michael J. Kramer        Assistant Professor of the Practice, Digital History/Humanities/Acting Director, Digital Liberal Arts Initiative
“‘A Foreign Sound To Your Ear”: Digital Image Sonification for Historical Interpretation

John R. Schmitt        Professor, Mathematics
Distinct Partial Sums in Cyclic Groups

Stefano Mula        Professor of Italian
Literature and Truth in Medieval Literature


Labor and Intersections with Class and Race – 2:45pm Axinn 219 (chair: Amanda Gregg)

Shalini  Gopalkrishnan        Visiting professor MBA GSIPM
Entrepreneurship and Minorities- An empirical analysis in USA

Jennifer D. Ortegren        Assistant Professor of Religion
“Fasting is Fun Because We Do It Together!” Religion, Class, and Couples in Urban India

Erin Wolcott        Assistant Professor of Economics
Employment Inequality: Why do the Low-Skilled Work Less Now

Martin Abel        Assistant Professor of Economics
How to follow through on your intentions? Experimental evidence from job seekers in South Africa

4:15 Coffee Break


Earth, Environment, and Ecology – 4:30pm AXINN 219 (chair: Matt Kimble)

Kristina Walowski        Assistant Professor, Geology
Investigating Earth’s Interior with Magma Chemistry

Erin Eggleston        Assistant Professor of Biology
How can Microbial Metagenomics Inform Wetland Management Decisions?

Matthew Dickerson        Professor, CSCI
‘Flung Like A Net Over The Hill’: Reflections from Glacier National Park Residency

Michael Sheridan        Associate Professor of Anthropology, SOAN
Ethnobotany and power across the African Atlantic


Migration and Changing Borders – 4:30pm AXINN 229 (chair: Erin Wolcott)

George Henson        Assistant Professor of Spanish Translation
Translating Cuba(nidad)

William Arrocha        Associate Professor, Graduate School of International Policy and Management
Expanding the Legal and Political Boundaries of “Sanctuary” Through Practices of Compassionate Migration

Kristina Sargent        Assistant Professor, Economics
International Migration and Integrated Labor Markets

David Stoll        Professor, SOAN
Women and Children at the U.S. Border: Asylees or Labor Migrants?

Pieter Broucke         Professor, History of Art and Architecture
Institutional (Art) History at Monterey: The “Spanish Lady” Painting and the Fight against Communism


Research with Policy Change Implications – 4:30pm AXINN 232 (chair: Amy Morsman)

Molly S. Costanza-Robinson        Professor of Environmental Chemistry
Testing for lead in Addison Central School District drinking water

Mark Spritzer        Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Biology
Testing the effects of testosterone replacement on spatial memory in a rat model of the aged male

Caitlin Myers        Associate Professor of Economics
Did Parental Involvement Laws Grow Teeth? The Effects of State Restrictions on Minors’ Access to Abortion

Pat Manley        Professor, Geology and Director of Sciences
Seismic Triggered Lacustrine Landslides and Lake Tsunamis in Lake Champlain



John McLeod        AS/Habitat for Humanity collaborative project on low-income housing

Peter Hamlin        Electronic music studio VR station

Richard Saunders        Display of recent museum publications and images & texts of student programs, such as Museum Ambassadors Program and summer internship program MuseumWorks


Reception at 6:00pm – Jeff Cason, Provost, opening remarks