Based at Middlebury College’s Center for Teaching, Learning & Research, the Digital Liberal Arts (DLA) is a faculty-driven, student-focused, staff-inclusive effort to foster innovative digital scholarship.

We consult on, fund, and support projects by faculty, staff, and students; generate new ways to bring students into digital scholarship in the liberal arts; assist with teaching and curricular development; coordinate faculty and student connections to technologists at Middlebury; and help to link digital research and teaching to civically engaged public work. The DLA organizes ongoing events, a blog, and a newsletter

Philosophy: The DLA encourages faculty, students, and staff at Middlebury to harness digital technologies to push scholarship and learning forward at the institution. Sometimes this involves using aspects of computation or multimedia tools to probe deeply into a specialized topic of research or teaching; at other times DLA helps research or teaching move in more interdisciplinary directions. We offer consultation at any stage of a digital project, whether one receives DLA funding or not. Consultation can include: guidance for adopting best practices; help framing digital modes of research or curricular design; assistance in developing work plans; and connections to other faculty, students, and technologists at Middlebury. The DLA’s overarching goal is to facilitate communities of digital scholarly practice in order to advance all levels of research, teaching, and learning at Middlebury.

Connect: You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter, follow the DLA on Twitter at the hashtag #dlamidd, and join our Facebook page

Consultation: For consultation, please email Consultation is available whether you are applying for funding or not and at any stage of a digital project or idea.

The DLA is nested within Middlebury’s Center for Teaching, Learning & Research (CTLR). Initial funding for the Digital Liberal Arts was generously provided by the Trustees of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Read more about the awarded grant.

For an overview of digital services at Middlebury, start at the Porta webpage.