The South China Sea


Project Team: David Rosenberg

About: “Bordered by some of the world’s most rapidly industrializing countries and traversed by some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, the South China Sea is also a unique ecosystem and a repository for valuable natural resources. Countries around the South China Sea, however, have usually been more concerned with maximizing national economic growth and ensuring adequate energy supplies than in preserving their common maritime environment. Consequently, this oceanic hub of the industrial revolution of Asia is becoming a sink for regional environmental pollution and an area of conflicting territorial claims. 

What are the countries around the South China Sea doing about their growing problems of regional environmental pollution and conflicting resource and territorial claims? How will the expanding and urbanizing coastal population achieve sustainable development? Based on the premise that regional problems require regional solutions, this website aims to provide scholars and policy-makers with an online guide to information and reference resources about common regional development, environment, and security issues around the South China Sea.”