Legends of Kintamani

Website: http://sites.middlebury.edu/animationstudio/portfolio/legends-of-kintamani/

Project Team: Su Lian Tan, Daniel Houghton, Hosain Ghassemi (’17), Ruben Gilbert (’15), James Graham (’16), Justin Holmes, Sofy Maia (’16), Coumba Winfield (’17)

About: “Legends of Kintamani is an original cello concerto composed by Su Lian Tan and a suite of large-scale animated murals to accompany each movement of the concerto. It debuted at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music Contemporary Music Ensemble performance with a followup performance at the Middlebury College Center for the Arts.”

“Dedicated to Darrett Adkins, Legends of Kintamani,was inspired by travels to Southeast Asia and specifically Bali. The five movement story-telling form depicts a return to a more innocent time, one where mythology and reality combine in fairy tales.” –Su Lian Tan