Projects come in all shapes and sizes. Some projects focus on contributing to a particular field of inquiry. Others focus on building more general-purpose tools to enable inquiry across multiple disciplines. The intent of this eclectic list is to suggest the diversity of scale and the variety of approaches in this new arena.


Large-scale digital scholarship examples

Great big and long-term efforts to move scholarship on-line.

  • Valley of the Shadow http://valley.lib.virginia.edu/ An early effort to apply digital strategies for bringing to the surface a rich archive of primary source materials.
  • Perseus Project http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/ A pioneering effort to re-think how the study of the ancient world can be enlivened through the thoughtful creation of a digital archive.
  • Nines http://www.nines.org/ “NINES (Networked Infrastructure for Nineteenth-Century Electronic Scholarship) is a scholarly organization devoted to forging links between the material archive of the nineteenth century and the digital research environment of the twenty-first. ” 
  • Visualizing Emancipation http://dsl.richmond.edu/emancipation/
  • ORBIS http://orbis.stanford.edu/

Smaller Scale Projects



Efforts to create software, systems, and platforms to enable born-digital scholarship.

Scalar http://scalar.usc.edu/

Scalar is creating a platform for creating multimodal, born digital scholarship.



The Text-Image Linking Environment (TILE) is a web-based tool for creating and editing image-based electronic editions and digital archives of humanities texts. Out of the box, TILE 1.0 supports the following tools and functionality:


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