About This Guide

The emerging field of digital humanities, digital scholarship, and digital liberal arts is quickly expanding. In order to make sense of this new area, this guide is intended to provide links to good examples of the following types of resources:

  1.  Projects: Some but not all projects take decades, small armies of programmers and designers, and multi-million dollar grants. Here you’ll find examples of projects that are done at various scales alongside an eclectic list of tool-building efforts.
  2. Small Centers: Colleges and Universities of all sizes have launched organized efforts to support work in this area. Here you’ll find examples of Centers that are modest in scale.
  3. Large Centers: Here you will find examples of Centers that are the result of years of effort and that operate at a much grander scale.
  4. Fellow Travelers & Allied Efforts: The field is enabled, supported, and aligned with other centers, projects, and efforts. Here you’ll find a partial list of others working neighboring territory.
  5. Further Sources and Readings:  Here you’ll find links to the core journals, centers, and other key documents.

You may have suggestions to add to many of these pages. Please feel free to use the comments feature of this site to make suggestions of additional examples that will contribute to this guide. You can also keep track of updates to this guide via #dhexamples on twitter.


Michael Roy

Middlebury College

May 2014

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