Small Centers

Here are examples of smaller scale , institutionally based digital scholarship centers. 

University of Richmond Digital Scholarship Lab http://dsl.richmond.edu/

The Digital Scholarship Lab develops innovative digital humanities projects that contribute to research and teaching at and beyond the University of Richmond. It seeks to reach a wide audience by developing projects that integrate thoughtful interpretation in the humanities and social sciences with innovations in new media.


Hamilton College Digital Humanities Initiative http://www.dhinitiative.org/

The Digital Humanities initiative (DHi) at Hamilton College is a collaboratory – digital parlance for a research and teaching collaboration – where new media and computing technologies are used to promote humanities-based teaching, research, and scholarship across the liberal arts. DHi creates opportunities for new interdisciplinary models and methods of collaboration between faculty and students. These activities support a fundamental shift in humanities research, leveraging the potential of technology to access and manipulate rich media collections in ways that increase collaborative scholarship (not only within Hamilton humanities but also, potentially, with other institutions around the world) and lead to the generation of new knowledge.

Bucknell University Digital Initatives http://budi.bucknell.edu/Bucknell’s 

Bucknell’s Bertrand Library is home to the Digital Scholarship Center, a public-facing space dedicated to digital collaboration, innovation, teaching and research. The center provides a comfortable and accessible space where members of the Bucknell community can collaborate on digital work, learn more about the best methods for employing technological tools in scholarly applications, and discover and experiment with emerging technologies.

Occidental College Center for Digital Learning + Research https://www.oxy.edu/center-digital-learning-research

Operating as a research and design team within the Scholarship Technology Group at Occidental College, the Center for Digital Learning + Research enhances teaching, learning, research, and scholarly work at Occidental by helping faculty and students integrate these activities with emergent technologies and services.

Dickinson College http://www.dickinson.edu/homepage/305/digital_humanities

The Dickinson Digital Humanities Advisory Committee fosters high quality humanities scholarship and learning through digital infrastructure and tools. With the help of generous funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, DHAC supports faculty-led digital projects and pedagogical innovations, in an effort to promote relevant, timely, and innovative humanistic work from all humanities-related disciplines.


Haverford http://library.haverford.edu/services/digital-scholarship/projects/

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You can additional examples of such centers at Rebecca Frost Davis’ page at



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