Research Lunches

ResearchLunchOur Health Professions students do any number of wonderful things during their summers. Some students will spend time in a research lab; others will analyze data for a clinical trial. A number of our students will do heath related programs abroad, and still others might choose to explore pubic health, one of the allied health professions or try their hand at scientific writing. There is no “best thing” to do during your summer and what tends to make an experience beneficial is your taking the time to ask questions of your mentor, learn about what people in the field like and don’t like about their jobs, and reflect on whether a particular career is the right one for you. We recognize that many of our students need to work or take a classes during the summer, and that’s perfectly fine, too. If your schedule permits, consider using your down time to shadow a local practitioner, or volunteer at clinic or hospital. In short, summer is what you make of it and by starting early on MOJO, meeting with advisors, paying attention to the bulletin boards in Bi Hall, and having your resume reviewed by someone at CCI, you can have a wonderful (and possibly funded!) summer experience. You can start learning about summer possibilities by scrolling through the links below.

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