CCI Advisers are here to help on a variety of topics, such as selecting a major, looking for a summer internship, evaluating career possibilities, applying to graduate school, or looking for a job. While each adviser has a variety of specific industry focuses, all of our advisers are well equipped to get you started in your own search process. Here’s how you can connect with an adviser:

Quick Questions

Quick Questions are every day from 1-3 pm in Adirondack House and are meant for short, 15 minute questions. This could be a good time to ask questions about resumes and cover letters, talk about how to use our resources like MOJO and MiddNet, or just get a sense of what we do if you’ve never stopped by CCI before.


You can schedule an appointment by reading the adviser profiles below and clicking on any name you want, then choosing a time in the new online scheduling tool in MOJO. Appointments are a good time to discuss questions about how your choice of major relates to what you do after graduation, your interest in exploring what career paths are available with your experience and background, how to find the best internship and learn about what other students and alums have done with their interests, or if you have no idea where to start!

Cheryl Whitney Lower

Don Kjelleren

Hannah Benz

Mary Lothrop

Nestor Martinez

Susan Walker

Tracy Himmel-Isham

Tim Mosehauer