Check out the 5-Minute Career Clips (online workshops) at the bottom of this page for brief step-by-step guides to preparing for, and conducting, a great interview.


Good preparation is key to an effective interview. Just as you would practice for a big tennis match or an opening night theater performance, you will want to prepare for this important event. From planning what you will wear, to preparing responses to questions you will be asked – how you present yourself is within your control. Don’t try to ‘wing it’!

The information below will help you with each stage of the interview process. Also, if you have been invited by an employer for an interview, you can schedule a practice interview with a career adviser in CCI.

Before the Interview: PREPARE

How To Prepare

How to Dress / Proper Attire

During the Interview: PERFORM

Professional Conduct / Etiquette

Common Questions the Interviewer Might Ask You

Questions You Can Ask the Interviewer

Handling Improper Questions

Dining Etiquette

After the Interview: FOLLOW-UP

Writing the Thank-You Note

Employment Background Checks: A Job-Seeker’s Guide