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Jan 16th, 2018 | By | Category: BreadCast, Featured, Winter 2018

In his book Writing to Be Read and in thousands of interactions with teachers and writers, Bread Loaf Professor Ken Macrorie shared his conviction that writing read aloud is writing brought alive. With this series of podcasts, the Bread Loaf Teacher Network invites listeners to enjoy pieces developed in Bread Loaf contexts.

This (mostly) monthly podcast series began in Summer 2017 with Alfredo Lujan’s evocative piece on voice and writing and has continued through the winter with episodes by Brent Peters, Moira Donovan, Jennifer Coreas, and Raja Kaur.

The concept of BreadCast is to celebrate the sound of writing, while giving featured guests the opportunity to talk about learning and writing in Bread Loaf courses and how those experiences inform their teaching practices. We invite you to comment and to submit your own writing to be read. Contact me, please, if you are interested in reading a piece developed at Bread Loaf for an upcoming episode.

Next up: John Hall sharing writing from Brenda Brueggemann’s 2017 class, Teaching/Writing: The Art and Act of Writing about Teaching.

Link to the full collection of BreadCast issues to date.

-Tom McKenna

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