A Tribute to Jim Maddox

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Jim MaddoxJim Maddox, member of the BLSE faculty for a decade before serving as director from 1989 to 2010, when he retired, was BLTN’s great advocate and visionary leader, responsible for major grants. Jim always presented BLTN as a valuable, visible resource for improving public education, supporting teachers in the most basic of ways, by offering to them rigorous and mind-expanding Bread Loaf courses and providing a networked learning community, along with technology and other support. An active member of BLTN, Jim visited BLTN classrooms all over the country, participated in online literary exchanges, and wrote “Messages from the Director” that were published in a dozen BLTN magazines. Jim’s messages–available in the archived issues of the BLTN Magazine–form a compelling narrative and are essential reading as BLTN prepares for the future.

In 2011, BLSE awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters degree to Jim in recognition of his distinguished service and innovative leadership as former director of the Bread Loaf School of English.

Photo: Jim Maddox (right) chats with Emily Bartels and Jonathan Strong on the porch of the Bread Loaf Inn. 

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  1. Lou Bernieri says:

    BLTN would not be where it is today without the support and vision of Jim Maddox, especially in the early years of the network. A great teacher, a great leader, and a great human being.

  2. Jim Maddox helped to create a place called Bread Loaf that continues to inspire teachers to believe in their students and in themselves in ways that enable joy to remain an integral part of the teaching life. At a time when some corporations and government agencies are trying to standardize and nationalize what children should learn, it is hopeful to know that there is a place where the grownups respect the individuality of the children they serve.

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