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by Dixie Goswami, Bread Loaf Teacher Network Director

A grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations plus support from Bread Loaf and Write to Change are making it possible, with the help of all past and present BLTN members, to prepare a list of BLTN scholarship, references, and resources. Rachel Joslyn, a Bread Loaf student from New Hampshire who is an experienced editor and bibliographer, worked last summer in Vermont to collect and publish almost a hundred entries of print publications by and about members of the BLTN; Rachel is continuing her work on this challenging, long-term project. The bibliography is searchable from the Middlebury website (via the link on the top menu of this page). You may also do a more detailed search on the Zotero page at Send items (print and digital) that should be included to Rachel’s BreadNet address ( ), copied to Dixie Goswami and Tom McKenna.

Some of the entries include links to articles, chapters, books, stories, and lessons that will soon be accessible and searchable on the Internet. These wide-ranging publications, drawn from 20 years, are the strongest possible evidence of BLTN’s contributions to knowledge about teacher-centered literacy and literature networks in times of rapid change.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in this bibliography under construction:

Scott Christian (BL’ 94). Exchanging Lives: Middle School Writers Online. National Council of Teachers of English. 1997.  Foreword by Andrea Lunsford.  One of the first studies of an interactive literature-based collaborative project, The Anne Frank Conference, carried out on BreadNet, with Tom McKenna (AK), Mary Burnham (VT), Peggy Turner (MS), Sondra Porter (AK), Phil Sittnick (NM), Helena Fagan (AK), Les Fortier (MS), and Patricia Parrish (MS), many of whom are active members of BLTN today.

Sheri Skelton (BL ’97). “Imagination and Common Sense: Making the Connection to the Natural World,” Bread Loaf Teacher Network Magazine Spring 2004: 39-43. Sheri was editor of the BLTN Magazine in 2004. (The complete collection of BLTN magazines is available at .

Barnett Barry with Renee Moore (BL ’97). Teaching 2030: What We Must Do for Our Students and Our Public Schools. Teachers College Press. 2011.

Experience with earlier printed issues of the BLTN Magazine indicates that the digital Bread Loaf Teacher Network Journal will inspire and encourage members of the BLTN to a produce a stunning range of multimedia essays, narratives, and multi-genre publications about the networked teaching of literacy, literature, and other matters of interest.

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